Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Daily Dose


Faith awarded me the Daily Dose award. Although I try to check my favorite blogs on my sidebar as much as I can. I find these five particularly special to me at this time. So I am awarding this to them.

1-Shelley at Living Beyond Myself. I have just recently been introduced to Shelley but it seems every time time I check her blog God has something great for me there. Thanks girl.

2-E-mom at Chrysalis. I just love that she is hosting Marriage Monday's once a month. And then her blog is a wealth of great information that always keeps me interested. Thanks for all your work. Plus she introduced me to Shelley's blog.

3-My Pastor's Blog. Although I am sure he does not pay attention to these types of things, he is always an inspiration to me. It is neat to see what is going on in his head. I am so blessed to have a pastor like him. God is really moving in great ways there.

4-Kate at Small Scribbles. Every time I read her blog and of her family adventures I am always inspired to be a better mom. She just has that joy of motherhood and it encourages me so much. I am so blessed to know her.

5-Vickie Courtney's blog Virtue Alert. Vicki wrote a book called "Your Girl" that every mom of girls must have. She is busy at work in keeping us parents up on what is going on with girls today. It is a great ministry that is much needed in this world.


e-Mom said...

Oh, thank you so much, Angela! I really appreciate your vote of confidence. :~D

Kudos to you too... And well-deserved.


e-Mom @ Chrysalis

Faith @ The Great Adventure said...

Thanks for introducing us to some great new blogs! :) You are truly a blessing, Sister!

The Small Scribbler said...

Thanks Angela,

Sometimes I feel so far from civilization way out here in Smallville so I am amazed that I can still have an impact on the lives of others. You have encouraged me today.


Living Beyond said...

Oh I didn't realize I had been awarded the daily dose wow what an honor!!! Thank you!

I would like to award it right back atcha!! I really enjoy my visits here and getting to know you. Thanks lady. I'll be passing the award along.

Blessing to you today!!

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