Thursday, January 6, 2011

Going off Facebook and Twitter

Hey all. God has been dealing with a heart issue of mine. It is the need for approval. It is really at its worst online. Like, "why didn't anyone comment on this?" or "Why does so and so talk with them so often and not me?" or "Why am I following this person and they don't follow me back?" Petty and stupid stuff. It is something that has taken root in my heart and Satan is happy to use it to mess with my mind continually.  I think the only solution at this point is to take a break from social media.

It is an obedience step and I am not sure how long it will go on but I am listening to Him. I want my full joy to come from Him alone. Not from me. Not from what He can give me. Just from Him alone. I will be updating you all about my journey on the blog. This is just a place for me to be very real about it and take seriously the sin that has found its way into my heart.

With that said I know there is a balance in this and I hope to find it. It is fine for people to give you a word of encouragement or compliment something that you have done. We just need to keep Christ in the center of this knowing anything that we have done is because of Him.

Now I am going to be doing a Bible study online at (join me) dealing with this and have a woman's group that I will be accountable to in the journey here. I will be focusing on saturating God's word in my heart. I will spend time beholding Him. Please pray for a breakthrough here. AND let me know how I can use this time to lift you before our Father.


Darla said...

i have had to do this before for the same reasons. And still have times when God instructs me to shut it down and just be with HIM. Love that you are sensitive to this, and i feel ya! love ya Princess..will keep you in my prayers

Shelley said...

I admire you my friend - I also have to be very careful on FB - it's a lure that can suck you in on many levels. I'm glad you are feeling the pull to 'come away with Him'. IF I should come to mind pls pray for an employment opportunity for my husband his unemployment insurance runs out in March and we desperately need a second income - the Lord is up to something but we need clarity - love you

Cherie said...

Angela, I posted on your FB before I saw this. I love how God works.. He truly does want to have you to himself for a season.

I have grown to love you sweet friend as we share our hearts together on twitter and other places. I am lifting you up and excited to hear what emerges from within you once your back!



Child of God said...

Hi Angela,
Interesting post. I too struggle with these issues. When God impressed on me to start a blog I hid from Him on this for about 1 year. Everytime the subject came up I told I am not a writer, I can't do this, I am way too shy. He kept impressing on me Moses and how Moses was not a public spokes person. Finally I relented, as I always do with God, sometimes it just takes a while. He promised me that He would give me the words to say if only I took this leap of faith and trusted Him. You can go to my blog and read the first post, it is amusing. :)
I have learned to give this to Him and if nobody comments that is fine because I am writing for Him and He will provide eyes to read what He has given to say and they have no pressure to make a remark.

I am learning to be content in the centre of His love and I need no other approval but His.

God Bless,

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