Monday, January 30, 2012

Psalm 119 - Week Three


I am loving the journey of studying this Psalm with you all! Thanks for sharing thoughts. Feel free to keep coming back and interact with others comments through out the week. I love building relationships this way and growing together this way.

Memorization update for us, we are only on verse 5 as of now! We have fallen behind but I was encouraged by the comments of this being something that we don't rush through but memorize it for the long haul. We are taking it slowly.

However in this next section I am very encouraged because it is all prayer! It is written as a fellow sojourner like us who is traveling along on this earth like us trying to follow God. I love that because we all can relate well. We are in the same exact place.

Gimel17Deal bountifully with your servant, that I may live and keep your word.

Literally this means to deal out generously to your servant (or slave) so I may be sustained or quickened to keep God's word.We chose to follow but God opens our hearts to do so.

18 Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law.

It is God's grace and mercy to open our eyes to see His word and fall in love with it. He moves and directs our hearts. May we pour this prayer out to Him. May we consider His word wondrous because it is His very words spoken to us. May it be our treasure.

19 I am a sojourner on the earth; hide not your commandments from me!

Let us always remember this is not our home, our true home is in Heaven with God yet while we are here on this earth for this short time may God's commandments not be hidden. These are the words that give us hope! They encourage us on the journey.

20 My soul is consumed with longing for your rules at all times.

Wouldn't it be a beautiful thing if we all were like this all the time. I pray desperately this in my life and yours and my family. Not legalistic rules and regulations but a love for following God's law as a delight.

21 You rebuke the insolent, accursed ones, who wander from your commandments. God will rebuke the proud. That is a consequence of wandering away from His commandments.

22 Take away from me scorn and contempt, for I have kept your testimonies. 
Any scorn or shame is asked to be taken away because he strives to keep God's law. When we do right in His eyes, He honors it. It is not a prosperity gospel but sowing and reaping principle. It will not always look the way we think it should but the way God does.

23 Even though princes sit plotting against me, your servant will meditate on your statutes.
We do have a real enemy of our souls roaring around like a lion ready to devour us. The Bible is clear that the word of God is our sword against him. In James we are told to resist him and he will flee. We are given Jesus example of testing in the wilderness and He defeated satans temptations by God's word. No matter who may plot against us we must keep our eyes fixed on Him and His word. They are our guide.

24 Your testimonies are my delight; they are my counselors. 
 I love this verse because it shows us that God's words are our counselors. There is good in godly counselors but where is the first source you run to? It should be His word first! Then wherever else He may lead us. Do you practice this? Often for me it is easier to pick up the phone and call someone then to pick up the WORD. I do not want that to be. Can you relate?

1-What stood out to you the most from this section?
2-Does it encourage you that this is all a prayer? Let us use it to pray back God's own words.
3-What were you most challenged with above?


mimmyto3 said...

Verse 17: Deal bountifully with me: as a prayer for David so it is with me. I owe my life to God's mercy for he gave me life and continues to. God deals bountifully according to his mercy not according to anything I have done. So, therefore, I pray that I will depend on God continually. What a blessing it is to know that God does bless me according to his mercies, and this motivates me to continually to walk in his ways to honor and glorify him. I don't always do so, therefore, I cry out to God strengthen me each day in his might and strength not my own.
Verse 19: To know that life here on earth is only temporary shouldgive us the desire to know God's commandments and to live them out. We are to let God be our guide, guardian, companion and comorter while we are sojourners here on earth.

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Love this all Patti!

Liz Vivian said...

Sorry this has taken me so long to get too. I am behind on everything.

Verse 18: Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law. this verse is one that I really long to memorize and place in my daily prayer life. It is such a great prayer to utter when you are unsure about a decision or just looking to know more about God's word!!

Also verse 17... Patti your comment is so great!! We must ask God to give us strength cause we are incapable of living and keeping his word without his strength!!

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