Thursday, April 3, 2008

Runner Up and 7 things

Hey all! I just wanted to tell you that my article here got a "runner up" over at Vicki Courtney's blog. How fun! I am sure all the blogs mentioned are probably great ones to check out. I will be checking them as soon as I get a moment. And as a runner up I will get to have the article highlighted in a future issue of

And for Jessie who tagged me and left a very nice comment about me on her blog. I am writing 7 things about me in no certain order. Check out her blog it rocks!

1-I love music! I would love to be a rock star but the fear of it drives me away. :) Of course it would all be God honoring. I am actually singing a song at a conference May 3rd so pray for me if you think of it. It is a rockin' song and yes I fell the fear arising. :)
2-I love dance! I would love to be a dancer too. :) I actually did a lot of dancing and singing in my younger years-Danced many national competitions and sang in them too. Much fun.
3-I love Disney. Despite many bad things that it portrays there are equally good things especially if you always find the spiritual elements of them.
4-C.S. Lewis is my absolute favorite author! He is brilliant I tell you. I wish I could write like that.
5-I absolutely adore my children and think they are the most fun girls ever! I cannot even imagine life without them and I am a better person because of them.
6-I absolutely love my husband. We took some really hard paths but because of God's lavish grace we are completely turned around. I love him more than I ever thought I could. He is God's perfect and pleasing gift to me.
7-Above all I am madly in love with Jesus. Everything in life is about Him. So if you do not like Him you will not like me. He is my all and all and all I want is to be a good reflection of Him until I am perfected in Heaven.


Cheri said...

I love Jesus too- maybe that's why I think you're so wonderful!

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Wonderful :) What fun to find out more about you. #7 is quite evident in your writing :)

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