Friday, April 18, 2008

Then Sings My Soul Saturday


My goal is to just be real with you all. There are so many people hurting out there and many with chronic illnesses. I had one 10 years ago for 7 years and then God miraculously took it away. I am so thankful to Him for that. The road was hard but I would not trade it for the world because it made me radically fall in love with Jesus even more. Yet the danger in trials is that we can also fall away. I hung just on the edge at times through this journey but came to the point of complete surrender and was really okay with whatever God decided. I praise Him in His grace and mercy that He healed me because it was nothing I deserved.

Now we are going through this again but my husband and I have switched roles. I am now the one who is well. He is the one with a chronic condition now. The similarities were we both had conditions that are pretty rare at least for this area. I have seen more doctors and specialists than I can count and now we are headed down the same path with him. Some of these doctors are very lacking when they do not understand what is going on. They make you seem like it is all in your head. It makes me so dang mad. It is not how God would want others to be treated. Would they treat their own family that way?

Anyway, after a bad appointment this week and seeing all that this was doing to my husband I just needed a good all out cry fest with God. Ever been there? So, I went to my favorite God spot all alone and popped my friend Stephanie's CD from Notes from the Soul in. I just love her songs. God has really anointed and gifted her with worship. There are two songs of hers that really were a blessing to me during this hard cry fest time. I came out praising God. So, I wanted to share the lyrics with you.

Speak to Me
by Stephanie Parson
Speak to Me, Father in this moment speak to me, You alone hold everything I need. Speak Father, Speak to Me.

Speak to me, Father in this moment I am weak. But You alone are everything I need.
Speak, Father, Speak to Me.

I am waiting, anticipating You, Take what's breaking, restore it with Your truth.
Speak, Father, Speak to Me.


The Battle
by Stephanie Parson
Here's another arrow. Shot by the enemy.
Handcrafted to deceive me, and bring captivity.
But this time, I'm smarter and stronger than before.
I won't be chained to this, victory's in store.
The battle is hard, the battle is long.
Pulls you through the desert.
You've gotta be wise, you gotta stand strong,
When you face the enemy.
Listen for the truth, don't believe the lie.
You are His and child you matter.
When you feel like giving in remember,
Our God fights for keeps.

You don't have to be afraid, or give up in defeat.
He's given all you need; you'll find it on your knees.
So, raise a shield of faith, stand upon His word.
Pray only in His name fight only for the Lord.


Stephanie said...

Hi Angela,
I identified with your post immediately because I have Lupus. You hit the nail on the head when you said an illness can impact someone spiritually both ways. I have found that it has deepened my faith because there was no where to go but UP!

I pray that your husband gets the med help that he needs. I think I know someone that just got the same diagnosis...I will find out and get back to you if it is the same thing!

LAURIE said...

The words to "The Battle" ministered to me tonight. I am going thru a physical battle myself and have had a hard week but what a great reminder that God is in control! Thanks for sharing. -God bless, Laurie

e-Mom said...

Back again. Thanks for being real with us. Strange how you and your husband have switched places. Music is such a balm, and I'm glad you had a good cry. :~D

Melanie said...

Angela, The words to both these songs are so beautiful and comforting. I totally understand why you came out of your prayer time feeling so much better. I will keep your husband in my prayers.

Faith said...

WOW...I can identify totally with this.
I had undiagnosed lyme disease for 8 mo and actually had the infection for a little over 2 eyars before the Lord intervened. I will pray for you all and your hubby especially to get the medical help..will pray for wisdom for the drs.

I love the lyrics you posted....the 2 songs touched my heart!

God bless you!

Cheri said...

Wow- I love this line:
I am waiting, anticipating You, Take what's breaking, restore it with Your truth.

I think it's great that you are sharing your truth that it's not always an easy road- what a testimony you have of even in the hard times, even when you get mad- God understands and is still faithful!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

love you girl. :)


Peggy said...

ohhhhhhhhhh Angela my heart is breaking and rejoicing and I praise God that He Refreshed your Soul through this song from Stephanie's blog!

I have been to those CRY FESTS!

I pray that God will hold you up and give you and yours, the same Miracle as before! may a door open for you to get another opinion and results!!! God be with you!

Jenifer said...

Angela, I will be praying for you and your husband during this time. I pray you experience God like you never have before.


LAUREN at Faith Fuel said...

Last year when I was seeing a cardiologist and wasn't yet diagnosed with Mono, the doctor hinted that maybe I was somehow bringing on these symptoms on myself!

Girl, you are a rip roaring lionhearted woman of faith. But you're also flesh and blood and you get weary. We all do. I love your honesty.
I see how God prizes the precious faith of those who trust in Him even when all the lights are out. I am praying for you and your husband that you will perceive all that He wants to do in this situation- through you, for you, because of all He has done/completed for us.

Carol said...

I'll be praying for your husband.

jodi said...

Stephanie is such a talented blogger and song writer. I can't imagine how great those words sound with music!

Sorry you and your husband are experiencing such a medical battle. I'll be praying...


Ceci said...

Beautiful! I would love to hear the music that goes with those words!

The last week here has been crazy which is why I skipped TSMS Saturday (that and we took our first road trip with baby). Hormones are still doing crazy things to me, so pray for my hubby! LOL

Living Beyond said...

Yet the danger in trials is that we can also fall away

This strikes my heart today - I know you know!!

Thank you for the lyrics Speak To Me just made me melt - I love you Angela

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