Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Chiari Update

Hey you all I have the best praise and I am doing a praise dance right now! :) God really showed up on our behalf today with Tony and the doctors. After the neurologist saw the neurosurgeon's report (never thought I would use those two words in a sentence), and the progression of my hubbie's symptoms he has decided it would be best to send him to a Chiari specialist. Since there are no specialists in our area he is going to call the two big hospitals not too far from us and find out who the specialist is there. Now this was done on his own free will. He just decided and called Tony which is unheard of! We know this happened because of the fervent prayers of the saints! God moved on our behalf. Thank you all for your prayers.

Now we are asking that the Lord will direct our steps. Send the angel of the Lord before us to prepare the way. Get us connected with a doctor who has wisdom on how to treat and move forward. We are so excited at what God does and can do. It is always best when you fight on your knees and see how God moves our our behalf. Know we are continuing too to ask for healing too. We only want God's will to be done and whatever will bring Him the most glory.


Kathy said...

Woo Hoo! Doin' a little praise dance with ya, Sista! That's great news.

Living Beyond said...

AMEN - my sweet friend that is part of the answer we have been praying for YEAH GOD!!!!!

Cheri said...

Hey friend,
So happy for you and Tony!! I'm praying for wisdom and answers for you and peace!

Susan Skitt said...

Praise the Lord, friend! Our Lord truly moves on behalf of His children.

Much love and continued prayers,

Diana Simpson said...

love n it

Susannah said...

Amen Angela. That's truly amazing. Happy dancing here too. Hugs! :~D

ocean mommy said...

Praise the Lord!

This is wonderful news!

Praying for all the details to come together!

love you

Darlene said...

Great news! God is so good!
Stil praying for you!

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