Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Reluctant Evangelist Makes Some Headway

I have come to realize that I need to simply approach evangelism how Christ did. No I will not be healing people or doing any great miracles but the most important thing He did was take the time to just be present with the people.

He did not say to each person, Believe in me I am the Christ. He met them right where they were. He went to them, walked with them, shared with them as opportunity led. He was a perfect reflection of the Father and was perfectly connected to Him.

What I have come to realize is that people have to be the most important thing. No matter my schedule or agenda for the day, as I go God puts people in my path. How I approach them can be opportunity to spread His aroma. I need to make the best use of every opportunity.

At times this will look like living the gospel in how I love my family or speak to others. I always will have an opportunity to pray for each person I meet. On those great God-appointed occasions I will be able to freely share the message of the gospel. It will not have to be forced. I must trust that kindness, walking in the Spirit, and prayer will be enough and then when opportunity presents itself to share the message, faithfully.

I realize people are watching. They are longing for something more and as I frequent places and see the same people over and over they will eventually question why I live the way I do or comment on how I do something. That is opportunity to give God the glory and talk about the hope of the gospel. These people see us in many different moods. We are not perfect at all but we do show love and forgiveness. We are real and live this thing out the best we can and we only can hope it encourages the world around us.

People were intrigued by Jesus. They saw something different in Him. That is how I hope we can appear as well as disciples of His. As we walk in the Spirit we will be aware of the people we are to share the message with. We must walk in step with Him. This is how to be an evangelist wherever God plants you. No more guilt just walk faithfully.

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