Friday, October 5, 2012

App Review: The Beginner's Bible

I was asked to review this free ipad app that you can get from the app store. It is an interactive Bible for children 6 years old and under. The free part of the app gives you the option of six different Bible stories. They will each read to your child. As it reads the story each word read is highlighted on one page. The opposite page is a colorful picture that that your child can interact with. It makes the story fun.

With each Bible story provided you can select one game that goes along with it. The options are putting together a puzzle, coloring pages, and a little game similar to fruit ninja. After the six free stories there is another set of six that you can purchase at the app store.

The stories are typical children's Bible stories. I had my three year old test it out and he really enjoyed it. It is the app he likes to play over the others at the moment. My nine year old with aspergers was very interested in it as well. So overall I give this a good rating. It is teaching the children some Bible stories while they get to play along. It does have a more educational purpose than say something like Angry Birds.

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