Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Natural Colloidial Silver 30ppm for Lyme

Now I am done with the Oil of Oregano. I am so happy to say that for now. I know I have felt bad. That may be a good thing because feeling bad is a good thing with Lyme. It means that those horrible bacteria are being killed off. Not sure how much progress I have made.

I know that my eating has a big part of it as well. And supplements. We went to a Mexican restaurant, my oldest daughters favorite. We got the cheese dip like we always do but I did not eat it. My husband said, is this bad? Do you feel really bad you are not eating this? Are you tempted? Pondering if we should just not get it anymore. I appreciate that.

However, I told him I know how bad I feel when I eat certain things and it is not worth that. I told him I look at it like ingesting poison. It is simply not worth it. I am finding the things I can eat and sticking with them. We don't live to eat after all we eat to live. That has been helping my perspective. I think my body is healing slowly.

I am surprised though because I was losing weight but it has come to a stand still it seems. I know I need to lose more but it is stagnant. Probably because of my lack of exercise but I am not there yet. I can do simple stretches. Just walking from my car to get inside a place is enough exercise for me now. My body cannot take anymore.

This phase of my plan on building my immune system is requiring more rest for me. I am not doing as well with that yet but I am trying to make it a habit. In your sleep is where your body really heals. I am trying to have less stress as well but here where there is constant misunderstanding it is hard. I am trying to let it roll off my shoulders. Mix up a group of people with invisible illnesses and communication problems among it then you are bound to get quarreling. We could use prayer there. We each see our weaknesses and are seeking God to help us fix them.

The silver sounds weird to me but I will start it soon and report how it works. It has no taste or smell so I am very ready for that. I know it at least will taste better. Anything has too. I will take 1tsp/3xday with a 10 oz. glass of water. I am giving my body a couple of days of rest before starting the next one though. 

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