Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Homeschool Fun with Multiplication, Advent, and Grammar


Found this on Pinterest! I am loving Pinterest now I understand how to use it!! I am finding some great ideas too. New foods, craft ideas, inspiration, etc. If you need an invite let me know I will send you one. Would love to follow your inspirations too. It is fun. It is also fun to see what makes others tick.

I have not done a home school post for a long while. So here is one. This is what we are working on now. I want to drill the girls these next few weeks to get them to really commit addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts to memory. We have completed their Math grade work for the year so we are now going to do drills. I guess this is school light because it is almost Christmas break. However, we are always learning around here. We find fun ways to make learning fit, even if it is unknowingly to the children. :) Next up is fraction drills. I am taking this time to really hone in on the deficiencies I have seen. Then we will move on to our next Math book. I have it on stand by and there is just a love I have for a new school book. My children carry this same love. Strange huh?

Also a very important part of school now is studying the advent. I am loving this inductive study we found online. You just download the PDF or Doc on the top left of the page. You can print them even if you want they come with coloring sheets. You can find it here. It is so much fun to just see the story come alive again through the eyes of the children. I love the wonder they still posses. I pray to have more of that.

Source: via Angela on Pinterest

I also found this cool chart I want to work on with the girls to help them really understand grammar. Another great Pinterest find.

Those are just a few things we are up too. I really just wanted to share the multiplication chart, advent study and grammar chart! Love those! Hope you do too. Happy Home Schooling!

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