Friday, December 21, 2012

What the Eyes Have Seen - Adoption Journey

Oh little man what have your eyes seen? What have you been exposed to? One thing about adopting a child who has seen some life before living with you is that you will always wonder what they were exposed to prior. And what they remember from all of it. It will happen at random times stemming from different responses he gives to certain life experiences with us.

Earlier in the year when we had the house fire and were exposed to so many sirens from the fire trucks I was surprised it did not even phase him only later to find out that he had previously been exposed repeated times to fire trucks due to fires in and around his living situations.

Today we had an episode with our van. It had to be towed due to this. All seemed ok with him until the tow truck started taking our van. He flipped out over it. He was so concerned our van was never coming back. I had to explain that it was broken and they were helping us so we could get it fixed. Then we would get it back all fixed up after Christmas.

He has repeated that statement  over and over to me all night. Mom, the van is getting fixed and we will get it back after Christmas. Many times he randomly will intentionally run up to me and repeat it. It makes me wonder why this has stressed him so.

The hard part is I may never know. I can never know all he has been exposed to in the past but I trust it was all used to shape him into who God has him to be. All of life's experiences shape us and make us who we will become. It is times like today that I just have to trust that.

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