Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Help Us "Bring Dakota Home"

As you know, those of you following our journey with Dakota, we are now in the adoption phase. An adoption, even privately done like ours can cost a lot of money. We wondered if you would considering partnering with us on this portion of our journey.

We are trying to think of creative ways to raise the funds for this. Right now this is what I have in mind. I will keep updating this with ideas as they come. To read all the posts about this journey just search adoption on this blog and they will all show up for you.

1-First please just would you consider praying for us on this journey daily. God needs to move some mountains. We are confident that God will bring the work to completion in His way and time. I would be forever grateful if you partner in prayer with us. Please let me know too so we can be encouraged along this path.

2- My two books are available for purchase through Amazon via the kindle store. I get 70% of the proceeds if you purchase them! That would be a way to help where you get a good resource for yourself and help us in the process. Abundant Grace is a great study geared for adults. It points you toward Jesus as you study his earthly family line, the family line he was adopted into. It has always been my favorite and stirs my heart toward Christ. Girl Power God's Way is a study for teen and up age girls that helps them grow in biblical womanhood.

If you have a prime membership you can borrow the title for free but I still get something for that.

You can get a free kindle reader app for your PC or phone or tablet to read these. If kindle is not your way you can purchase these via Sunday Scholar or Currclick where you get a PDF file that you can print or read off of your computer. I also get a good portion of these purchases.

You could give these as gifts to people. They are reasonably priced and help grow you in the Lord. A win win.

3-You could book a speaking event through us and take up a love offering. We would love to share our story and encourage others in adoption and in the Lord. We love meeting new people and encouraging them in the Lord.

Would you pray about partnering with us to meet our goal? We would love it and be so appreciative! We are all called to help the orphans, maybe helping us in this way is a way for you to help.

I should clarify what I mean by "bringing him home." We have had full guardianship of him since January of this year. Bringing him home means giving him a forever family so he does not have to live in limbo anymore. Bringing him home is giving him the security of a permanent and solid unmovable home. 

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mimmyto3 said...

Dear Friend,
I will certainly partner with you to pray for you every day on this journey. I, also, will purchase one of your books. I know that God will bless you through all of this journey.

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