Sunday, July 1, 2012

Book Review: Father Hunger by Douglas Wilson

I received a copy of this book free of charge from the publisher for the sake of review.

I was interested in this book entitled, Father Hunger, because it hits a very personal place in my life and heart. Not only am I raising a child whose father is absent (though my husband is a good stand in) I have worked with at risk children who have had absent fathers over the years as well. It is a heart breaking trend and the absence of a father damages children. I have seen it with my very eyes.

I have read many other books over the years that address this topic, yet Father Hunger was the best read yet. The subtitle is Why God Calls Men to Love and Lead Their Families, and this is why this book is different. This book takes a gospel centered approach to address this growing problem. Not only are there statistics and discussion of the seriousness of the problem at hand but also the author takes a good look at how it effects our view of our Heavenly Father God. How manhood has been attacked and how unnatural it is for this to be how we live.

It is filled with arguments as to why gospel centered fathers are important yet centers on the more important thing of needing strong men who play the servant leader role in their families and in turn this points their family members to Jesus. That is the important end desired after all.

I know this book was written primarily for men but it was an insightful read for me. I really liked seeing a book written like this from the males perspective, one that rallies men to fill the role they were called to play. I also respect how the author addresses women in the book. It was all around biblical and encouraged me greatly. It is a good read and I highly recommend it. We have a very sad epidemic of absent fathers and it cannot remain this way.

You can get a copy of this book from Amazon here.

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