Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Heart and Dubai

I know I have made several comments about Dubai. I have received many questions about this so I decided I will write a post about it.

First, I have had a heart that is drawn to middle eastern people groups for a very long time. However going to many of the countries seem unsafe for a family. That is not the case with Dubai. Dubai is an open country. It is safe and not oppressive to women like some other countries.

Second, It is one of the most diverse countries in the world representing people from many different nations. It is a mixture of people groups. Living in the center of this type of community would be one of my greatest dreams come true and where I believe I would feel the most at home. Seriously Heaven will be like this, all the people groups coming together forming a new race of people. I would love to live in the shadow of that here and now.

Third, We could get work there and live supporting ourselves to do our mission work. We could do this and partner with a church. The church I heard about is Redeemer Church of Dubai.

Fourth, I know God is up to something. This small country in the middle of the desert far across the world keeps coming up before me. This is one way that God works in our lives to get our attention. I do not know if we are ever suppose to move there or not yet but I am praying a lot for the country and the church.

Fifth, I was invited to participate in this work. You are too listen to this talk by a women living there.

Not only can we self support our selves if we were to make it there but they have a great American hospital and schools. It is not exactly what you think when you think middle east.

Of course many things logistically would have to fall into place for it to happen. Some huge miracles would have to take place. We are not closing the door to this until the Lord makes it apparent we are not to proceed. So in the meantime we will be learning Arabic and researching the country. Hoping to maybe take a short term trip or two to check it all out. We will see where God leads.


David King said...

I love it.

city said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

Ashanti said...

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