Monday, July 9, 2012

Book Review: Word, Spirit, Power

I received a copy of this book free of charge from the publisher for the purpose of review.

I requested this book for two reasons. I really like R.T. Kendall. God used his book Total Forgiveness to help me so much in a desperate time of my life. I appreciated him as an author so I was open to reading this book not knowing much of the other two authors except that they were somewhat charismatic. Which in most cases I avoid simply because the focus on the word is usually weak. That is the other reason I chose this book. I wondered how such a solid scholar of the word could write and partner with people who may be completely different from him.

This book did however have a very good focus on the Word. It was broken up in to three parts each written by one of the authors. Word was written by R.T. Kendall. Spirit was written by Jack Taylor, and Power by Charles Carrin. Each author shared a little of their testimonies and work God is doing in their lives. It was helpful to read of their backgrounds. I appreciated too that they all saw the authority of the word important and acknowledged how some people grieve the Holy Spirit by making up what He is doing for a show. They all acknowledged revival is an act of the Spirit when He wills and that no one can make that happen.

The book was a call to people to bring the word and the Spirit together which then brings forth the power of God. I believe this book was balanced and I appreciated it because I do not like all the denominational lines we have that create division. I appreciated how three very different men of different backgrounds could come together and be in unity! Now that is true power from God.

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