Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This Is Why You Buy Cake

Looking at this picture you may rightly assume that the children made this cake. That is actually far from the truth. I must confess that I made this cake. Happy Birthday Kaitlyn!

I begged her to let me make cupcakes, which I can pull off, but she wanted a cake. So here is my attempt at a cake! :) Just wanted to share. I am so not domestic. At least it will still taste good!


The Small Scribbler said...

Frosting. That stuff can be tricky. It still looks tasty. Maybe not pretty but tasty.

Cheri said...

That really is kind of funny- I'm sure she'll love it though because you made it for her!
Happy Birthday!

Mariel said...

thankfully cake is cake and it will taste just as yummy!!! (actually yummier than store bought!)

Happy Birthday, Kaitlyn!

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Oh my you sweet little Mommy. What happened? How wonderful though that you tried for her. I'm sure it still tasted good!

Hey, here's a little tip I learned because I'm not very domestic either. Make the cake ahead of time and freeze it. After baking the cake and it cools completely, wrap each layer separately in saran wrap and then foil and put in the freezer - the platic wrap keeps the cake from sticking to the foil when it freezes.

Then a little bit before you're ready for the party, pull the cake out of the freezer, unwrap and ice it right away. When I do this, it makes it easier to spread the icing and helps with keeping the cake in one piece. The cake defrosts pretty quickly, so by the time you're done the birthday meal, you'll be ready to eat cake!

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