Monday, October 13, 2008

Prayer Requested

Hey y'all. I am under a writing deadline currently. The Christian Children's Home here in the area has requested my girl's Bible study for their girls. Since the first version was with college age girls in mind it needs to be changed so it is age appropriate. Please ask God for time to get this done His way. Ask for His wisdom and Word to come through strong. Ask that I will hear Him clearly and follow His lead. Thanks y'all!

That is why I have not been to your blogs as much lately. I will be back around soon. Thanks!

Much love,


Diana Simpson said...

i will be praying that for you girl!

Darlene said...

Praying that God gives you the right words for the college girls. I am sure it will be great!
Sweet Blessings,

ocean mommy said...

Hey Girl I'm praying! I know it's going to be awesome. :)


e-Mom said...

Wonderful! How did you get such a nice referral to the Christian Children's Home? May the Lord's speak his Word through you mightily... :~D

Living Beyond said...

I will and have been praying for you sweet thing.

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