Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Small Victories, Social Skills, and Autism

With our autism experience we have found that our daughter has many food aversions and requirements. She is such a small girl so we just want her to eat. I don't mind this issue much. We dochallenge her to try new things even just a bite and get happy and celebrate when she does. 

Today some lessons were learned. As we were starting our school day my youngest kept saying she wanted toast. When she envisions toast it has to be toasted, no crust, peanut butter and grape jelly spread just right. As I was reading our Bible lesson my oldest was preparing toast for herself. She thought it would be a nice thing to serve her sister.

She brought out a piece of toast to my youngest but it still had the crust on it. It was slathered with butter that was still visible and clumpy jelly. I knew this was going to be an issue. I watched the situation play out. My youngest just looked and slowly took the plate. She said thank you. She paused and then approached me and whispered her dislike of it wondering what to do about it. I am so proud of her practicing her social skills. I know our social skills training is working!! Before she would have said something like, "Yuck I can't eat this." She said, "Thank You." That is a HUGE step.

I told her it is okay to accept a gift graciously and not eat it. Then I was worried about my oldest who is highly sensitive. I was afraid she would have her feelings hurt and be hardened in serving her sister again. But as I whispered prayer to God and watched her countenance it was joyful and peaceful. She was okay. She understood she can serve in joy because God calls us to serve for Him alone, not based on the response our service brings. What a thrill! Thank you Father for using these things to teach us these lessons. Oh to be more and more like You. That is the goal. Love this little victory. I want to remember this. So I write it down as a memorial stone.


Kara Akins said...

Sweet, sweet girls... just like their momma!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the helpful blog.

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