Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Book Review: Futurecast by George Barna

I received a copy of this book free of charge from the publisher for the purpose of review.

This is a fun book for me to review because I am a lover of statistics and probabilities. I am very interested in social trends and behavior. This book is packed with this information. It is also written in an informative way that flowed together well.

The America we have today is the America we've allowed to happen. ~George Barna
Yet he also states that we do not have to leave it the way it is. We can promote change by living Christ-like character out in society. Being Christ to others but it starts with ourselves loving God and then loving others. This is what promotes change.

Topics like family life, attitudes and values, media, and religious beliefs were explored through surveys conducted. There were some interesting trends that surprised me like "experts estimate that kids now use 80 to 90 swear words per day." and people consume "31 hours of television in a week." These are just two among many.

In religious trending I saw that many people in America claim to be Christian making our nation a large majority Christian nation, however many of those self proclaimed Christians are really not true Christ followers. Meaning their lifestyles do not reflect it. They do not live it out. However, Evangelical Christians are still the biggest percentage of religious groups in America and that was encouraging to me. The other religions percentages were smaller than I suspected at only 6 percent which includes, Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism. Surprisingly 10 percent of Americans claim to have no religious faith at all. 

This book is really good for the study of our nation and how it is changing. It takes a good look at how technology is changing things rapidly as well. It does not predict the future of events because our society is so fast and changing rapidly however the trends do give us a good idea where we are headed and what we need to work on. It is a good informative read. I recommend you pick this one up.

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