Monday, August 3, 2009

Marriage Monday - Season of Hardship

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I did not want to post today at Marriage Monday. Honestly we are having a hard time in marriage right now. It is hard to persevere in the tough times. Marriage does take work. It takes two committed people who are willing to work at it.

Certain seasons are so tough. I love the early carefree stages of marriage. Those seemed so much more easy to me but our love was much more immature. In these tougher more challenging times our love and commitment for one another is tested. We are realizing we must pass the test! It is showing us what we are made of. Did we really mean our vows about sticking together in good times and bad?

I love my husband so much. Even though he is physically present this season is one where he cannot be with us emotionally most of the time. He is very over committed right now. He has had so many work challenges hit him. He has been challenged in every way in this season. This effects everything else he is attached to including us. So I can either support him or be selfish and feel sorry for myself. I have done both. I wish I could be more supportive at all times. It is a long and hard season but I cannot make it with Him if God is not the center of it all.

We have both made and kept our priority God. He is what is holding us together during these tough times. The sweet and rare time we have together now we are cherishing because it is so limited. We are learning to appreciate one another. It is just a tough season. It is temporary. It is necessary. We need to know what we are made of. Our love has matured so much more through these tough times. So this is where marriage is now for us. I praise God for our union. It is not selfish it is self-less. It is making us more like Jesus in stripping off the ugly layers of our hearts. It is a sweet gift.

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Denise said...

Thanks for sharing your honest heart, bless you.

Susan said...

Oh wow...this was awesome. I think we can all identify if we are truly honest.

... It is making us more like Jesus in stripping off the ugly layers of our hearts. It is a sweet gift.

What a beautiful state of heart. I long for that to always be mine in a time of testing♥

Michele said...

That had to take alot to share Im sure. This will help many Im sure reading. Thanks for sharing.

e-Mom said...

I will pray for you two my friend.
Life can be hard, but I know you'll make it through with God's help. As you know, commitment is the safety net that binds us together until tensions ease up.

This is a challenging season for many couples. The recession has put a lot of marriages through a difficult and unexpected period of testing. I'm not sure if that's the issue with you two, but most of us have felt the pinch in one way or another.

Your positive attitude will help you through.

Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday today, Angela.

Hugs! e-Mom

Tea With Tiffany said...

I understand the highs and lows of marriage. I do believe our husbands are from God as a gift to us.

Thank you for writing honestly.

May you find greater joy in your marriage as you press on in Jesus.

Peace and love,


Melanie said...

I hope things get easier for both of you soon.

I came here via Marriage Monday at Chrysalis.

Tami Boesiger said...

Recognizing this as temporary is huge and will help you persevere. Keep hanging in there. It will get better.

Moore Of Us said...

Thanks for sharing. It has only been two years and I feel like Justin and I have been in a season of hardship for a while now. When reading your blog I remembered the scripture that his dad used at our wedding. In Christ all things hold together. Last night I could not sleep. As I laid there the song I think by Chris Tomlin with the lyrics "Christ, be the center of our lives, be the place we fix our eyes." I love that. Thanks for your honesty. Love you girl.

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