Saturday, June 7, 2008

PMS and Walking in the Spirit

Can I just shoot it straight with you all? Man, when PMS comes sometimes it comes especially hard. It is my greatest challenge in walking in the Spirit so I do not gratify the desires of the flesh. Well, I just have to let you know I failed horribly. I am talking huge temper tantrum, snap at whoever you want because you feel like it, I feel horrible so I will make anyone I come in contact with feel horrible too. Misery loves company you know.

Well, there is no excuse for this because I am a new creation in Christ despite my feelings about it. It is truth. If you are His then you are a new creation too. So, the problem, how do you walk in the Spirit anyway while battling with this beast? It seems that as I get older this battle becomes harder and harder. Anger and irritability are at their high. Back pain and bloating are horrendous. Now to add icing to the cake I am actually starting to have the joy of hot flashes! Give me a break already. One thing I can honestly say is that at least this joy of womanhood is showing me my desperate need for God. And I am talking face on the floor can not get up desperation.

So with that said I think that we should be able to wear some sign that says something to warn others-we girls would understand that-maybe it would spurn us on to buy one another chocolate. We could easily pray for one another then. We get it. It would not be an excuse for unkind behavior just a warning to stay clear so it would come out of us less often. We could warn our men to just stay clear while the sign is out. We could encourage them to not worry because their wonderful wife will be back real soon. It would make life easier and much more predictable for those who just do not understand.

Well, that is where my head is today. I just got back from a wedding-Our first set of college students got married today. It was so precious. I will post more about it next and post about our marriage for Marriage Monday which I am about a week late for.


Cheri said...

Hot flashes- not fun. I think I had a mini one in church this morning. Not great timing to be fanning away in the middle of the sermon!

Unknown said...

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Hang in there.

See you at She Speaks

Beams of Light Ministries said...

Oh Angela! I hear ya! Hang in there. PMS is no fun at all. I used to never have it and now...well, it's a struggle. But, with Go, all things are possible. Again I say, hang in there!

mariel said...

AMEN! I am feeling your pain this week! Didn't Beth Moore say PMS is 'Please More Spirit'...or something like that! Anyway, it is definately a time to draw nearer to God (or kill someone!)...praying for you! :)

Susan Skitt said...

I hear you. My husband the other day took a wild guess, "Uh, it must be getting close to that time of the month, right?"

Gee, how did he guess? (roar)

I'm glad God and others are forgiving, but like you said, when hormones are raging, it is an act of the Spirit to stop and yield.

Living Beyond said...

Oh girly-friend - it's the BLESSIN of being a woman WHATEVER dang that curse!! I don't yell or shout or snap but I cry and EAT. I honestly belive that my life is over and that all things are the worst that ANYBODY has ever expereinced - what a crock!!
But we all have our coping mechanisims and I just love the acronym that was mentioned earlier PMS = Please More Spirit - AMEN!!!

Delete said...

Thanks! I needed this reminder to watch my words. I get migraines as part of PMS and it is not a good thing. It is so hard to practice graciousness when I am feeling anything but graceful.


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