Friday, June 6, 2008

Chiari Update

Well, bloggy friends, thanks so much for your prayers. I have a great praise for you about my husband. We made our trip up to Vanderbilt hospital and received the best care we have ever received. I am so praising God for them.

After showing us the MRI's and explaining everything we were looking at the doctor determined that Chiari is not the condition Tony has-they problem is actually with a vertebrae. How will this situation be fixed? With patience and physical therapy! What a praise. We go from possible brain surgery to physical therapy. This is from the mouth of a surgeon. Praise God. So, the process will be long and potentially painful but it will be worth it.

Do keep praying about that spot on the brain that was found because some neurological symptoms persist. In a few months we will be reviewing that but we are thinking it is not anything to be concerned about.


e-Mom said... Fantastic news, Angela! Just checking in with you through Bloglines. From possible brain surgery to physical therapy is the best outcome anyone could hope for. Amen! Whoohoo! (((Hugs)))

Meg said...

Praise the Lord. I am so happy to hear that. I was just wondering about it yesterday when I stopped by and am happy for the good update. Thanks for sharing it. Love, Meg

ocean mommy said...

WOW!!!! Our God is so faithful. It sounds like you two still have a ways to go and I'll be praying for Tony as he begins physical therapy!

Love you all!

Living Beyond said...

AMEN sister and a BIG SHOUT of Praise to our God who can do what seems impossible. I'm sure He just couldn't wait to bless you with this blessing - you are so faithful to praise Him!!!!

Cheri said...

Oh, I am overjoyed for you!
That is such awesome news.
Praising God along with you!!!

Christina said...

I will pray and keep praying that everything is fine. Glad to hear that all went well so far and hope for much wellness in your future. God bless you all.

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

PTL. Still praying for strength and continued help!

Megan said...

Wow, that is such amazing news! Praise the Lord! Still praying.

Mommy Dot Com said...

Angela! I didn't realize you guys already went! I so missed walking this out with you. I am thrilled for the results (Praise God!!). I am still praying that Tony will have a complete recovery. I love you!

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