Thursday, December 30, 2010

Super Speedy Exit from the Mountain

I want you to picture a good roller coaster, one that you really need to be strapped into. The track takes you up and down really steep, up and down then twists in crazy ways on you. It is suppose to be fun right? However if you like that sort of thing you know that you are mostly safe. The track keeps the car on the ride well. You are strapped in well. No worries, all fun.

These coasters must have gotten their inspiration from these roads we were on. They were not only steep but there was one complete 90 degree turn. I really wish I had a good picture to demonstrate this. In the best conditions on them I have to close my eyes. There are drop off edges to these as well. No guard rails for safety. Some serious danger if not handled carefully.

We got word yesterday that a guy named Junior was hired to plow these roads. The cabin owners pay $180.00 a year for specific road maintenance which includes snow. Snow happens on the mountains sometimes in Tennessee. This drop of snow which was about a foot was not expected by anyone, even the weather people.

The situation could have been avoided if the plow trucks were out right away keeping the roads clear but because they waited so long to hire someone (because the other contract guys plow broke and he just left the area) the roads got worse and froze over. They were sheets of ice. 32 vehicles tried to get off the mountain but were ditched because of the conditions. Injuries occurred that did not need too if it was tended too like it should have been immediately.

Back to yesterday. Junior took his job seriously. Right away all day he worked on chopping the ice on the roads then had guys behind his work salting it. Then he was going back after that sat for a bit to chop it more. The temp warmed up enough to be above freezing. The roads were looking more like slush making if safer and possibly passable. However, we do not have a four wheel drive but instead a small car.

Word came that the weather was going to be coming in as freezing rain that evening and the day following. That would mean a few more days stuck. So we had a small window to chance getting down. Would the roads be okay on those treacherous drops and twists to make it off safely? I cannot imagine the amount of pressure on my husband to make this decision.

We knew this was a small window of opportunity and decided to do it. We speed packed the car, prayed, and in faith took off. We have never been more scared in our lives. It was quite a bit of slush but still some ice. One the road with the 90 degree turn and twist which had a drop and no guard rails we found ourselves sliding. Then up a hill we almost did not make it because we could not get the traction but finally it came. It was such a dangerous thing but we made it. We are so thankful for God keeping us safe. We know He was watching and guiding us down. We have never been more thankful to be home.

So roller coasters may be fun on the track when safe but they are not fun when they are icy roads with the opportunity of fatal injury. So much to be thankful for.

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