Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Being Still Part Three - A Psalm

More bed rest. More down time. Several days with the hopes of this spot properly closing up...Lumbar Puncture Gone Wrong A Psalm by Angela. :)

I am in a house filled with people yet feel so alone.
Waiting is hard. Being still harder. Time goes by
Be my everything Lord so I won't sit and cry.
Helpless to do anything. If I do it prolongs this
I am not sick yet treated as my health is amiss.
Lonely I feel. Perfect functioning yet no getting up
Doesn't anyone understand the heaviness of this cup?
I will hold on to God for He is always with me
He is here to keep me company yet His face I do not see
I trust with quiet confidence after all He is my prince,
my King, my Everything. Thank You Jesus. Thank You Lord.
I appreciate the quiet. I do not want to fight it. Lord, hold me close
Help this time be some I make the most of. Life is fast. Far gone is
the past. Enjoy each moment, it will be gone before you know it.


Cheri said...

praying for you friend

Kay Martin said...

Years ago I had a severe Epstein Barr syndrome illness that would not respond to meds and rest was mandatory for weeks. Let go...God is the only one who can address this loneliness. He knows ... He cares...He will use it. You are not wasting your life or time. In fact, there is value in this place in Him you cannot receive anywhere else. I know that I know you will be richer even while you are down. Trust Him; and know that so many people in the world feel alone with many people around them. Loneliness has been identified as the number one problem in America. I love you and in my flesh I just want to fix everything. I know God is using this ... He loves you so.

Leah said...


I pray that soon you will be on the mend and up and about. I hope that the Lord is making Himself very present with you.


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