Thursday, May 29, 2008

One Girl's Journey


Among the constant turmoil and dysfunction she realized she had only one solid companion. Yet she could not see Him with her eyes. He was invisible. She was so young that it did not matter. She possessed that childlike faith. She just needed someone who would let her know things would be alright. So off they went again to talk. The fighting had gotten to a higher decibel level than she was okay with. This was her common practice, retreating with her best friend. They had things to talk about and the dysfunction was too much for her to handle.

As time went on she really got a hands on grasp of Him. She experienced Him tangibly firsthand in a dream. At her church there was discussion of her Jesus coming and dying for her sins. This was incredibly hard to swallow. Her best friend whom she had always talked with dying on the cross because of her sins. Such torture. Such pain. She didn’t think she was worthy of this act. It just was not fair. She could not receive it. It was too hard. She had experienced so much pain she could not bear for Him to receive excruciating pain on her behalf. Yet unknown to her, in His great love for her, He had different plans. Plans she could not refute. He willingly laid down His life for her so she could truly live.

Hurt and confused she went to sleep and that is when it happened. He came again to her in a magnificent dream. She was at a giant waterfall with many others. They were all clothed in wooden barrels. The sound of the rushing waters was deafening to her ears. All she could feel was cool winds and the freezing water drops hitting her cold body. Each person in their barrel went over the waterfall one by one. Then it was her turn. There was no stopping it. She was terrified and there was no one to save her or at least that is what she thought. Over she went along with all the others to her impending death. For every other barrel shattered on the rocks so far below them.

Then that is when the most wonderful moment of her life occurred! In a flash, a huge bright hand stretched across the vastness of that waterfall and caught her. He lifted her up gently and simply said to her, “I will never leave you or forsake you.” At that she woke up from her dream and knew it was Him, her very best friend. So she accepted His sacrifice for her unworthy as she felt. Her life would never be the same.


Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

:) Beautiful. What a Friend we have..

love you

Kathy said...

I so enjoyed reading this, Angela. I have had some dreams that when I awoke from, I was so "alive" and almost electric (does that make any sense?) that I knew I had encountered God. Isn't He amazing? Can't wait to squeeze you in just a few weeks!

Living Beyond said...

That just makes my heart go AAHHHHHH - it is like a refreshing drink that I needed to drink deeply from again today.

Thank you

katiegfromtennessee said...

Hey Angela,

I really enjoyed reading this. He saves us from ourselves and He saves us for life!:) He is so good to us:)


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