Monday, July 16, 2007

Marriage Monday


Trying to remember those trusty old vows we took 12 years ago. I was just a kid. Just fresh out of high school. I was not really understanding the challenges that were ahead. Challenges of becoming one with someone. Challenges of attending college and working to provide for us. I was just a young girl who desperately wanting a knight in shining armor who would ride up on his white horse and swoop me off my feet. One who would never disappoint--one who would always make me happy.

There was a huge problem in this thinking. Marriage is not about someone making you happy. That was one of the first unrealistic dreams of marriage I had. It was shattered all to fast. Every human would eventually disappoint. Why could I not accept that? I was just a kid after all. Too young really to get married. The statistics are not great when a kid gets married to another kid. The divorce rates in these situations are very high. All odds were against us.

To make matters worse I married an unbeliever. I was such a worldly Christian at the time. My life looked just like his so I thought we were on the same page. However, I was greatly mistaken and dived in head first. I now know what God meant by not being unequally yoked with someone. I was living the life. This was probably the worst misery of my life. But, I was too stubborn to get out. No one in my family has ever divorced and I would not be the first.

What were those vows? For better or worse. For richer or poorer. For in sickness and in health. Til death do us part. Those were the vows. I took those before God and everyone else. I would not break them. We had a rough start and rough times.

After three years of marriage, my husband came to the Lord. I started to get serious and follow God. I asked God to do whatever He needed to get us to a place where we would be sold out to Him. I believe God answered my prayer through allowing me to get sick. I battled a 7 year illness of a life threatening condition. It was through that that I really saw first hand how much my husband loved me. God used this time as a boot camp for us. We grew leaps and bounds through this trial.

God got us to a place where He could really use us! He then put us into ministry work together as a team. That is the biggest blessing of my life. God brought us full circle. We are a miracle. We beat the odds. We made it. However, this was only possible through the power of Christ. He changed us and made us whole. All praise and glory to Him!


The Small Scribbler said...


You really get to the heart of expectations that we have when we get married in this post. I also like how you show that to stay married is a battle...because these days it matter what circumstances you face.

This post is one of my favorites that you have written so far.


MInTheGap said...

What a great testimony of God's saving grace that he brought your husband to Himself! What a terrific testimony.

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Yes HE did!! It is evident to all who know you that you both are crazy about Jesus. I'm thankful for your friendship. Love you!

Darla said...

What a wonderful testimony! There is nodoubt that only Jesus can love us like we need and want...that alone lets the guys off the hook, and we become more satisfied. A daily walk with HIM is the only way this relationship stays together. HIS choices and not awesome is that...HE provides everything even the answers to lifes toughest tests!! Love YOu thanks for sharing..we are more alike than we know, and thanking God for you my sister!

Melanie said...

What a great post. Isn't that wonderful how He can help you through anything- you certainly beat the odds. Thank you Jesus!!

Linda said...

Thank you for sharing. That is a very sweet story of your marriage and how completley God can transform us if we are willing

Pearls of Wisdom said...


Your post was a wonderful testimony of the Lords love , grace and marriage. May the Lord bless you this week and always.

In his endless love,

Angel ():)

Kathy said...

Every newlywed should read this. Scratch that...every one who is engaged should read this. We've been fed the "fairy tale" so often that we sometimes neglect to really consider what happens after the wedding. Thanks for sharing your beautiful heart. There's such power in this testimony.

Mary Watkins said...

Angela, it truly amazes me how our Father draws us with an everlasting love. Whatever it takes to draw us unto Himself, He will allow.

Thank you for sharing this post it truly blessed my heart.

I am glad you enjoyed the photos taken in Ukraine.

God so blessed my heart. It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words. I wantd to share the expeience with my Siestas.

All praise to the One who calls us by name.

Bless you, dear one.

Meg said...

Angela, Great post. It is a tough road...all the more glory to God then when we carry on by His grace! Being joined to another is not always the fairy tale we hoped for, but the good that God works in us and in our spouse exceeds expectations too! Thanks for sharing. Meg

blackpurl said...

thanks so much for sharing your powerful testimony!

GOd's blessing to you!

Christine said...

What a wonderful testimony Angela. It's through the rough times that you realize what your marriage is made of and you both made it through!

Anonymous said...

My marriage has always been perfect so it's hard for me to relate. Kidding!!!! Don't everyone slap me. It was just a joke. Someone please laugh!

kay said...

I was encouraged by your post. I am unequally yoked and it is a daily (minute by minute) struggle. Praying every minute for my husband's heart.

Would love to chat with you about this victory.

Faith said...

What an encouraging testimony! Thanks for writing! And thanks for your comment on my blog, and your prayers.

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