Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dive In


Visit Kathy at the link listed on this picture to see more details about dive in. It is a great way for accountability and going deeper into the word of God.

Kathy talks about proper interpretation of the Scriptures to find the true meaning and how just verse pulling is not enough for us to understand the whole picture of the Word. This is a challenge if you chose to accept it, to dig deeper into the treasure of God's word which I hope we can hide in our hearts!

My goal for this challenge is still not too certain except that I have had several ponderings in my head lately.

1-Asaph. I would love to start learning more about him through the Psalms and various other Scriptures where he appears. A little known man but who wrote powerful parts of the Bible. A strong heart of worship he held. I would love to see more in God's word through him and what a heart of worship looks like.

2-Jeremiah-God has been laying on my heart this book for some time. It is a challenging book for me because I do not quite "get" all of it. I bought a commentary to help me through some but first I will discover the truth for myself!

3-Fruit of the Spirit-We are currently studying this in Sunday School in detail. This is something I have been writing for our students each week.

4-Knowing God through prayer and His names. I would like to dig a little deeper there. Seeing the heart of God through His names. Moving onto Jesus in this as well!

Okay well, that is all for now! It may change some as God moves me but that is enough for several years! I am just super hungry for more of Him and I hope this challenge will hold me accountable to that!

Will you join us in this? Go over to Kathy's blog and sign up. May we grow deeper in God together!


Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

This is going to be a powerful time. Glad you're doing this too. Love you girl!

The Small Scribbler said...

Now you've got me curious about Asaph as well. I love obscure people. Right now I am into where the word klaio (Greek for wailing) is used as opposed to dakrya which is just crying.

And today we followed Peter from Luke 18:28 to Hebrews 11:8-10 to Ephesians 2:20 to Revelation 21:14.

His Word never fails to offer more.


Darla said...

I am in! I have some concentrated studies on 4 out of the five that you mentioned..and a how box of scripture and resources on prayer and the character and attributes of God..it is life changing...my heart has been stirred to collect the things that God has taught me through the years, ( and things I still am learning), maybe I will compile them all into a book..don't know the first thing about doing that..

Excited about digging together!
Jeremiah totally makes me tremble..I have never been able to read it in large portions, and have finished it a couple of times...God's heart is loud in it, and HIS power is to be bowed to..

have a good day..thought i would pop in on my afternoon break :)

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