Friday, July 6, 2007

Conversations with Hannah


Since I made a post on conversations with Kaitlyn I thought it would only be fair to have one for Hannah too. Now Hannah being 2 years Kaitlyn's junior makes her conversations a little more interesting.

Hannah: Mama. You know there is a bad Hannah and a good Hannah.
Me: There is, huh?
Hannah: Yeah, the bad Hannah does the things I do not want to do. She doesn't want to obey you mommy. The good Hannah wants to obey you.
Me: Oh, well what will we do?
Hannah: I don't know. The bad Hannah wants to kill me.
Me: Oh, honey, well we will just not let that happen then. Let's ask Jesus to help you make the good Hannah stay in charge.
(She understands the battle with the flesh better than I do! Lord, help her to walk in your Spirit always.)

Hannah: Mama. You know what?
Me: What honey?
Hannah: Mama, you are beauteefull. I like your red shirt.
Me: Well thank you baby. I think you are beauteefull too!

Hannah: (IN WALMART) Hey, you want to see my new dance? (Addressed to any random stranger!!!)
Lady in Walmart: Sure.
Hannah: Da da da, da da da da (while dancing a ballet number she made up.)
Me: (Oh Lord, please let this end soon and bless this lady through it.)
Lady: Thank you so much Hannah. You have such a great daughter. She blessed me so. My daughter is getting married and we are not on the best terms right now. I know it will pass but I miss those days. Cherish these days.
Me: Thank you. You have blessed me too. (Pwehh. Worried that my daughter would be an annoyance to her. Just wanting to rush on through Walmart to get done. Thank You Lord for using Hannah to show me the ministry opportunities around me. Thank You for using her to bless someone and teach me more about loving others.)


Kathy at Sumballo said...

Treasure this time! My daughter, at age 6, knew no stranger and I found her discussing stuffed bears with a older woman in the airport bathroom. Ack! I tried to pull her out of there but the woman stopped me. "I haven't talked with a young child in a long time. She's blessing me." I was humbled. God uses our little ones beyond our reach. Thanks for sharing!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

I love that. Emma had the nice Emma and the mean Emma for a while. This brought back some of those memories.

The girls are looking more and more alike! I thought Hannah was KK in that picture!

have a great weekend,

Darla said...

What a little dollbaby!!! I miss my girls being that small. My girls are 22 and 15 now, and a son who is 11, and he still tells me there is a bad and a good one inside him. :) I already knew that! Glad that kids are noticing that...wonder what we can do so they don't out grow the concept. mmmmm thanks for stopping by again on the are very encouraging to me!

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