Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Family Discipleship Plan Review from Precept Ministries

It is so important that we learn to study the word of God for ourselves and this resource not only helps you as an individual accomplish that goal but also helps they entire family. I received a copy of the Abraham materials which consists of these following items from Precept Ministries for the purpose of review. However there are other materials to chose from as well. Go to the link to view them all.

The Family Discipleship Plan is unique because it focuses on the entire family. So not only do you get to do your study but your family is doing it all at the same time. It is a great tool to use to get conversations going about what you are learning and feeling confident that your entire family is learning to study the word for themselves which is so important for the next generation!

In my family, I am working with a 3 year old, 8 year old and 10 year old alongside with my husband.  So how this plan works for us is as follows:

For my three year old I was given a print off sheet of activities to do with young children. They can sit along around family discussions, learn mini sections of the Scriptures, mold things from playdoh or draw pictures that go along with the Scriptures (depending on the development of your child). Any preschool children can do this part and they will pick up the enthusiasm of your excitement of the Scriptures.

The adults can chose which of the above pictured studies to do. The first is Precept upon Precept and takes about an hour a day maybe. That is the format that I prefer because it takes you into a deeper study of the word. However, if you do not have that much time to dedicate this other book gives you a less intensive but still great look into the word. My husband chose the smaller book. They both keep us on course of studying the same thing.

My youngest two children did this study to stay on tract reading the same Scriptures. I cannot tell you adequately in words how much I love these studies for children. It is so important to help them learn to study the Scriptures for themselves as early as possible. These books aid in this so much. Not only do they make it fun but also include another educational storyline along with them. There are so many to choose so do check them out as well here. Basically if they have a decent reading capability they can start these studies. My eight year old needs a little help but my ten year old can do this on her own.
Now I do not have a high schooler but this is another book that goes along with these if you do have one. It is a bit more geared to them instead of the adventures of Max and Molly in the Discover for Yourself Series for younger kids. It is a good resource as well. Same great stuff just more age related or appropriate.

Over all I would highly recommend this resource just for the sake of the family being able to study Scriptures for themselves and have the ability to discuss it together.

Now you may ask why can we not just open up the Bible and do it that way without the resources? That is a good question and you can certainly do it that way. However this is helping each person learn to study the word for themselves and is requiring the discipline from each one individually to do that. This hands on approach is an excellent way to promote love and learning of the Scriptures but more importantly the ability to know how to study them for themselves and it is never too early to learn that. And as you study the same thing you can discuss and share more deeply with one another as a family.


David Lawson said...
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David Lawson said...

I am David Lawson, and I am on staff with Precept Ministries.
Thank you for recommending us to your readers. Our passion is to see people established in the Word of God. Everything we do and every resource we have has this end game in mind, to connect people to the Word in such a way they can learn to study it for themselves.
I have personally used almost every resource we have to disciple others. One of my favorite to use with my family is the New Inductive Study Series. I lead my family through it starting when my kids were teens. It really helped establish them in the Word for themselves.
Thank you for linking with us, and God bless!
David Lawson, Precept Ministires.

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