Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Book Review: This too Shall Last


This is a book that you will want to get. I was blessed to be a part of this book's launch team. This book is now on my top ten books of all-time list. I am so thankful for how thoughtful and biblical this work was. The skill with words and understanding intermingled beautifully. It is a must-read for the church today.

I was drawn to this book because I struggle with a chronic condition and there is not much out there that addresses when suffering lingers. This book finally filled that void. It is also printed in a great font that makes it easier to read which is important for many who suffer. However, I chose to read it slowly because there is so much treasure to unearth for one's healing and joy as suffering is unrelenting. I will be reading again and again.

I was creeped out at times because I was reading words that described things I have longed to express for so long but couldn't find. It was like someone was in my head. But that was also a huge blessing. It allowed me to grieve, laugh, and be free to be vulnerable. I felt as if the author was with me. This book has been a great part of my own healing journey. It has helped me see things I have also missed on this journey. Things pointing me toward Christ.

This book can appeal to anyone in any type of prolonged suffering. It is also helpful for someone who wants to understand some of what it is like for others living a life of unrelenting suffering. Honestly, the entire church needs to read this. It has the potential to be a healing balm to the body of Christ.

You can get a copy of this book at Amazon here 

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