Thursday, August 30, 2012

In the Midst of our City Lives a Missionary Quietly Working - Living Love

I posted about Living Love and how hard it is and how it requires great sacrifice last week. We must count the cost! Here is a post from my friend along the same lines. You will be blessed in reading it. It does remind me of those stories you read in those books about missionaries. Yet those are not stories of the past, they are stories for us here and now as God writes our stories.

I am inspired by her story. I am inspired by the ache that has grown in her heart over these few years to take a bigger action, a bigger task all for the sake of His glory. It is amazing faith in action. Love walking around. The hands and feet of Christ. His words, His mercy, His hope. It pours forth like a faucet from this family and I praise God who allows me to be in friendship with them. It takes iron to sharpen iron.

I know I have read books like Radical by Platt, 7 by Hatmaker, and Anything by Allen. They so inspire me but these people are authors that I do not know. They are not really real to me because I have no connection to them by seeing their real lives in action. They seem to be what they write but it is a greater thing to actually walk alongside and experience this kind of life lived out to the full in person. That is what a blessing it is walking alongside Kara and her family. Iron does sharpen iron. She is a tool He uses to continually sharpen me. And though painful at times I am so thankful and more like Jesus through it.

Our time here is so temporary! Let's use our time wisely for what really counts. Living like Jesus.

Read her current story, you will be blessed. Go to this link.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Helping Others is not Easy but Necessary - Living Love

Picture taken from Rock the Capital.

If you saw a kid homeless on the street, would you just walk on  by or would you have a desire to rescue him from that life?

If he didn't have parents would you give him a home?

I hope your answer is yes that you would do everything in your power to help otherwise I would question your humanness.

Now what if he did have parents? Yet what if the parents are not willing to take the steps to get their children to security? Or worse they are hurting these children in some way?

What then?

Then it is a mess - a full blown mess.

Usually in America the government intervenes. The kids would go into "the system." Clear lines would be drawn for the parents to follow. If they chose not to follow these given lines (despite the vast number of resources provided them) they forfeit their parental rights, making them wards of the state deeming them adoptable.

Giving them the opportunity to have stability though it is through broken places. Hopefully a forever family who will provide love and stability will rise up and fill the void the original parents forfeited. It was their God-given role but it is forfeited due to their sin.

Now what if you were that family who jumped into the mess keeping the kids out of the "system"? What if things were not changing? What if the rightful God-given parents refused to fight for stability and the very lives of their children? Would you risk it all to save them? Would you enter into that mess? Would you do whatever it takes to provide love and stability? Would you love them like your own? Would you turn your head and walk away? That would be easier yet we know it is not right.

These things are messy and full of uncomfortable emotions. It takes a lot of patient endurance and selfless love. Sometimes loving someone well is choosing the hard things. People will be hurt through this brokenness through entering into it.


God can use brokenness. He became broken and died, later raised to life so that things can be reconciled, redeemed, healed, and restored. He is amazing and all I know is we can always trust Him. We must. Otherwise we miss living life to the full. Fully embracing it. We can chose to numb ourselves out of the pain, or we can look to the One who endured all pain. The One who gives us hope. There are so many orphans in the world today. It breaks God's heart. It should break ours. How is God calling you to help? How can I pray for you? It will not be easy, no true sacrifice is. Yet we can do the hard things because He has done them first. He fills us with His Spirit and in turn we can live fully for HIM no matter how hard.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Book Review: Running for My Life by Lopez Lomong

I received a copy of this ebook free of charge from the publisher for the purpose of review.

This is an amazing book. The full title, Running for My Life: One Lost Boy's Journey from the Killing Fields of Sudan to the Olympic Games explains what this book is about. It covers Lomong's journey from the time he was kidnapped as a boy by rebel soldiers til 2011. In 2008 he was a runner in the 1500 track and field event for the USA. It is an amazing story of God's grace and how God's hand was on Lopez the entire way. It is a must read. It will inspire you. It will move your heart to worship God who is sovereign over all things even things we cannot understand.

I really want you to read this book because it is a very inspirational story. It chronicles the author's life yet how he can clearly see God in his life through the good and the bad. Also, the author has partnered with World Vision to help those in Sudan who need help in getting clean water, education, medicine, and farming. Just purchasing a copy of this book would send some of the proceeds to this worthy cause.

I am not going to tell you much else because I want you to read it. I want you to wonder how a child from Sudan ends up an American citizen. I want you to wonder how he became a runner worthy to compete in the Olympics. I want you to support this worthy cause. So get it and read it for yourself.

I am very excited to see how he runs in the Olympics on Saturday. He has already qualified for the mens 5000. He is running for a medal on Saturday. He is very aware of the importance of running for something bigger than himself. He runs for God, for USA, for Sudan, to help those who cannot help themselves. 

You can get a copy of this book from Amazon here.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Why Marriage Matters - Why We Must Take a Stand


Simply put, and if you do not read any further this is what you need to get from the true Christian perspective, marriage is a sacred union that is meant to represent the relationship of Christ and His church to the world. Period. (Ephesians 5).

What is sacred we cannot tolerate anyone trampling on. Marriage is sacred ground not to be entered into lightly but so holy you need to remove your shoes to enter into its holiness. It is not something to do to make you happy yet the joys of if its rapture are unspeakable. It is only but a shadow of what the final consummation will be of Christ uniting fully with His church. The beautiful bride He is coming back for that is making herself ready as we wait for His return (Revelation 19). It is an indescribable mystery yet God has given us a shadow of it through imperfect human marriage. What grace.

We ruin this image through adultery, divorce, same sex marriage, sex before marriage, and marriage of more than one individual. None of these things are God's plan for marriage. None of them appropriately reflect the image of Christ and His church the great romance of the  ages. We live in a broken world here. We groan and wait for His return yet while we are here we need to treat what is sacred as sacred (Hebrews 13:4). When you take away the institution of marriage defined as the union of one man and one woman that is suppose to be an everlasting covenant you trample on what is holy.

This is not hate speech. This is not condemnation, for if you are in HIM there is no condemnation for you. I have desecrated holy ground. I am a sinner. I know the bite of trampling the holy very personally. Yet my Savior, Jesus Christ, has forgiven me, loved me, and saved me from treading on dangerous ground. I get it. We want to be "happy". We run to all things that we think will make us happy. However wherever your search takes you the only place to be completely full of joy is in HIM. Every other false pursuit is the search that without Him will leave you empty.

The picture of marriage needs to be protected, It needs to point us to Christ. It needs to help us remember that He is coming back for us because while He is away He is preparing a place for us. It was the first human institution made because He saw it fit that it was not good for man to be alone. He created woman to complement. It is only in this union that life reflects Him more clearly.  (Genesis 1-3)

How is it that America has become so sensitive to others beliefs besides those of the Christian? We tolerate so many absurdities because of the love of humanity. We are free to worship whatever we want. I respect that though I may not agree. The institution of marriage is a big deal to Christians. It needs to be protected like other religions have what they would call as sacred. I do not go trampling those things. This issue is one that we must stand up for. We must protect for the sake of Christ.

So today we will eat at Chick Fil A though this is not about chicken. We do it because as believers we need to support one another and aid one another when being attacked for our beliefs. Christ tells us we are blessed when we are persecuted for His names sake and Lord forbid it be happening here in the land of the free that we call America. The land that was founded on these Christian principles. The land where many lives shed blood for them. Lord help us.
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