Thursday, May 31, 2007

The S.P.A. Method


In the desperation of trying to get my girls to stop fighting I blurted out "STOP, PRAY, ASK." It got their attention and they wanted to know more. So I told them when you want something that someone else has instead of whining and grabbing and fighting you just need to stop a moment, pray about the issue, and calmly ask the person for the thing you want. They loved this method. It has a great success rate. We did however fall into the situation of someone not responding in favor of giving a toy back so I changed the A in SPA to act. Think about how Jesus would want you to act. Jesus says to do everything without arguing or complaining and to make every effort to live at peace with everyone so the choice is to walk away or to come up with some sort of compromise. I just love this because all I have to say now is SPA! And then they stop, pray, and act! Try it and let me know if it works for you. Just wanted to share and remind you that God's word is the very best thing for rebuking, correcting, and instructing! It never ceases to amaze me!

References: Philippians 2:15, Romans 12:18, 2 Timothy 3:16

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I am have been a bit "off" lately when it has come to this blogging and weekly
devotional writing. I have been in more of a learning mode lately with God. He has been teaching me so much about love. What love
really is all about. God has given me some great examples to model in my life.

One instance is someone close to me who has been wronged so severely that the damage caused them the loss of all they had. They were forced into bankruptcy and starting over life at close to 50. They actually had to live out of their camper for some time because of the way their world was shaken suddenly. But as God always provides they were taken care of. He provided shelter and food. They experienced some rough times but it strengthened them in the end. The perpetrator still comes in contact with them from time to time. It amazes me at the love and grace the hurt person exhibits toward him. Even though life was interrupted due to this persons selfishness, the victim still will sit with him and is civil in better words loving toward him. I asked how this was possible and the response that I was given was "I nailed the wrong to the cross. Jesus took it and it no longer belongs to me." The perp never has offered to make the situation right yet the victim still remains in love. It amazes me.

The other is another dear close person in my life. He has been married 7 years and has an almost 6 year old. The other half of this relationship says that she does not want to be in this marriage any longer. She says perhaps she was too young to get married. She wants to experience life without him. He has asked her to come to counseling with him. Perhaps the problems can be worked out. She will not have that. She is tired of being married. How is his response? He is kind and acts in love. He extends the very hands of Christ to her even though he has been severely wronged.

They were both people I dearly love who were unexpectantly thrown into a pit. Yet they both responded in love. Oh the lessons and things I learn from their situations. I am blessed to watch and see the love of Christ radiate through their lives. Love covers over a multitude of sins. I am learning so much from their example. If you are struggling with life or unfortunate circumstances know that people are watching you walk through them. People are learning how to handle rough situations from your life and example. Walk through it with love and grace and God will take care of the rest.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Motherhood Challenges

Lately I have been greatly challenged by this God assignment of motherhood. I always am reminded of the need of wisdom from God. God will give me the wisdom to get through this if I ask Him. He knows these children better than I can just as He knows us. I do have to persevere in parenting and never give up. Parenting grows our faith walk with God. Much of this is faith based. Are the seeds we are planting growing? Why does it seem I have to redirect 100 times a day? Is anyone listening? Am I even making a difference at all? Questions plague us day by day. I happen to be going through a more difficult season. I am taking it in stride. Obviously there are great things that God is trying to teach me through these precious little ones. They are the best tool He has to teach me, mold me, break me, humble me, stretch me, and bless me. I am thankful for that. I am in the trenches with all of you and as I write this am lifting any of you up in prayer who may read this. Motherhood is a tough task. It is one of life's greatest challenges yet one of life's greatest blessings! From this challenging stage I am going through I will just take a moment to share a quick scene with you. I hope it will bring you a good laugh. First I must preface with I do not normally pinch my children. I think I have used this technique maybe three times and only to get their attention. No children were harmed in the making of this story. However a mother was emotionally damaged from the whole ordeal while crushing her pride!

As we entering Walmart gathering groceries a slapping/hitting war was under way between the two children. The referee, aka mom, had to break these episodes up many times, more than she could count. Finally a swift warning was issued. "There will be no hitting or slapping whatsoever-those are not good manners and someone will get hurt." The children decided that when the referee was looking this behavior would not be acceptable but when she turned away-a hit. Finally at the check out line the following episode took place.

Mother puts groceries on the register.
Hannah loudly screams: AWWWW!
Mother turns and looks-Kaitlyn quickly moves back from the offense.
Mother gives stern look trying to use the power of her eyes to correct child.
Kaitlyn gives mischievous grin. I believe she thinks mother cannot regain control in this enviroment.
Mother turns again. Another blow is made behind mother's back.
Mother gives an attention getting pinch to the offender.
Kaitlyn loudly for the entire surrounding area to hear: OW! Why did you pinch me. Wailing takes place. Loud continual wailing.
Mother: Apologizes to the lady at the register.
Hannah trying to over shout her sister starts in knowing she is also at fault: Don't pinch me mama! Don't pinch me! Please don't pinch me!
Mother embarrassed continues to try to keep her composure and get the groceries paid for and into the cart so we can make a quick escape.

Well this is just one of the fun episodes from this week. Stay tuned, it may be good medicine to share more as I cry this out! God is good though and is teaching me to persevere and to fall face down before Him. He has the answers and will get me though this season!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Mother/Daughter Tea, Kingston, TN


Okay, I just have to tell you that I had the best time ever in Kingston! Those precious women were wonderful and it was such a pleasure to serve them! I would love to do that every Saturday! Okay maybe not every Saturday. I got to travel with some of my most cherished people. It was a blast. It was a fun road trip and growth in the Lord all wrapped in a fun-filled 8 hour day! We were served such lovely food by those women and the greatest beauty of the whole event was it was very multi-generational. We had about 50 women there and they ranged in ages from 8-80. Women got to share great memories they had of their mothers. It really blessed my heart. I do look forward to serving them again in the future. I was so blessed by them all. Rachel, their women's ministry direction is such a blessing to me. I met her a year and a half ago in Nashville before God put the call on my life (or at least before He clued me into it) and she told me she knew she was going to use me for something in the future. She wasn't sure what but she knew that there was something there. Little did I know it would be in this capacity but it was an extreme honor. I am so thankful to her and her support of our ministry. Stay tuned to our podcast, we may be posting the message on there so you can listen. It would be a good mother's day message to hear.
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