Saturday, June 18, 2022

Book Review: God Hears Your Heart by Fox

I received a digital copy at no charge from the publisher for the purpose of review.
I believe this book is important for parents and children because there are hardly any teaching resources out there about processing emotions in a healthy manner for children. Sadly, dismissing our emotions and being told to just get over them is the standard. This book helps remedy that. It is a very important book for teaching our kids and ourselves how to do this with a God-view in mind. God gives us ways to process emotions all throughout the Bible but the use of story here in this book makes it easier to relate to for children and process through several key emotions that we experience in life like anger, disappointment, guilt, and even joy. God is not surprised by our emotions. He made us emotional beings. It is wise to acknowledge them and work through them. This is an important book in the training and teaching of our children. I ordered this book as a hard copy because I will find it useful as I practice biblical counseling or help parents to teach these skills to their children. It is a valuable and needed resource for today where emotions are either dismissed or romanticized. Both are wrong. This resource helps look at emotions in a healthy way that will help produce healthy adults who understand how to process their own emotions by not letting them control them or keep them in a stoic state of mind. Most importantly it will help children depend and look more like Jesus.

You can get a copy from Amazon here. 

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