Monday, March 30, 2009

She Opened My Eyes

I just have to write about the fun I had this past weekend.

Here is a little background.....The Lord used Dee Brestin and her ministry in a HUGE way in my life. It radically changed who I was because of my misconceptions of who my LORD was.

Before I did her Bible study, "Falling in Love with Jesus" I had no idea just how much the God of the universe absolutely adores me. He is madly in love with me! Not because of what I do or have done but because of who He is. You know something, He loves you too. In this same very personal way. Oh, if you do not realize this check out her book or Bible study on the topic.

Anyway, she came to speak at a conference at Covenant Presbyterian Church and God worked it out for me to lunch with her. This is my second time meeting her in this way but this time I got to sit right beside her (which is good because in a restaurant it is hard to hear). We had great food and conversation. She is the real deal and when I grow up this is who I hope to look like in my walk. She resembles the closest thing to Jesus I have seen in the flesh. It is because of her sincere love and concern for others.

Oh Lord, make me to be like that. Oh Lord to be formed into your image. I want to love You as you love me. Out of the overflow of that let it be evident that I belong to You alone.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Voice of the Martyrs

Would you like to be part of an organization that refuses to let the persecuted church to be silenced? Then Voice of the Martyrs is the place for you. Go here is interested in volunteering.

Also if you would like a free copy of the eye opening book Tortured for Christ go here.

Also please do not forget to pray for those who are persecuted for Christ's sake.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stinking Mad

Hey y'all I just have another lament. This world we live in has gone completely mad! What happened to the days where when someone was down on their luck with a job loss or home loss that the people around could surround them and help get them back on there feet? What happened to those days, huh?

I was driving out of Walmart with my car packed full of groceries to be greeted by a cardboard sign. The sign was held by a very dirty looking person who was with his young adult son. They also had their dog with them. Now think about the scenerio will ya? If you have lived on this planet any number of days I am sure you have seen a scene like this.

It breaks my heart deeply. So deeply. We are in an econmonic crisis. Many people are losing jobs and homes. So the kicker is, were these people for real? I hate even thinking the thought. It is true that it is difficult to get a job right now. Yet, is this situation another scam like we have heard of so many times?

I am at a loss at what to do here. I would love your input. I am a woman. I was alone. Do I stop? Do I give them money? Do I give them some groceries? What would you do?

I said a prayer for them as I passed. I had a big case of water bottles and I felt like I should take them some. So I decided if they were still there after I swang back by then I would give them some water.

As I figured they were still there. Did I mention I was chomping an oreo blizzard on my way back around? I feel so spoiled. I got out of the car with the water. The younger son came toward me and we spoke. I looked into his eyes and he seemed grateful and in need. My heart broke at a loss of what to do. I want to know their story. I want to know what can be done for them. I want to tell them to go to the local church for assistance. I want to bring them here and give them a place to stay. But this world is crazy you do not know what is safe and what is not anymore. Oh Lord help us and do come quicly. He is our Hope as we wait for Him.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

As You Go

I have been studing the life of Jesus closely through this season of Lent. I just love how as He was on the way from here to there that He always ministered to the people that God put before Him.

Jesus was not too busy on His journey to miss all the people around Him. My prayer is that will be my life as well. I don't ever want to be too busy getting somewhere that I miss the stuff along the way.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Friday, March 13, 2009

Esther Bible Study


Hey y'all I just have to tell you how wonderful the first session of this study was. I have been hearing good things about this study but God really blew me away with this. I am so excited because I just know God has some great things to teach me through this. Something lit within me. It was like God just greatly fanned the flame of my heart. It is exactly what I need right now! If you are thinking about doing this study then can I just say DO IT! If you are already doing this I would love to know your thoughts.

It is truly tough being a woman!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blog Book Tour - Daisy Chain


If you are looking for a good fiction read then this is your book. I was so fascinated with it that I could not put it down. I read it all until the end. With it being a trilogy, I cannot wait to get my hands on the rest of the series. You will not be disappointed. Go to the links below to see more information.

To get a copy of the book go here.
To view Mary's website go here.
To view Mary's blog go here.
To see what others are saying go here.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Three Inches!

I am really in the need of a hair coloring touch up. Now it has been quite a while since I have let my hair go naked from color. I did not know just how desperate it was until as I was looking at my hair , dark brown hair mind you, I spotted a rather bright and rather long hair. In denial I thought, "oh a highlight." Until I took a closer look and it was a pure white as snow three inch long hair! I am talking Santa Clause white here girls.

"Where in the world did that come from," I exclaimed. I continued to pull that sucker right out of my head. I could not believe this. In all of the commotion the girls wondered how in the world I had white hair so I went on to explain what happens as we get older. Then my youngest was just convinced that the next morning I was going to wake up with a full head of white hair. I tried to convince her otherwise but she was not buying it until she came in and saw me in the morning the next day. She was relieved and kept saying, "I am sorry mom you are getting old." Sweetie! :)

During this entire white moment two things kept going through my mind. First, I was going to get me some hair color very soon! But more importantly second, that God's word calls gray hair a crown of glory. It also states that it is gained by living a godly life (Proverbs 16:31NLT).

Now I have seen gray hair from time to time on my head but never white. It was the white that freaked me out. But what God was reminding me of was that though our hair changes it is like being adorned with a crown. The kicker is that it is gained by living a godly life! Wow, then I guess it is okay for the whole head to turn "gray." It is a crown to proudly wear. Unfortunately I am wearing an undercover crown as of tomorrow when I get those hairs dyed! :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

God's Will For You

"Pray continually, Be thankful in all circumstances for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."
1 Thessalonians 5:17

I was in the local Starbucks waiting on my delicious drink of choice, the one and only cafe mocha, to be prepared for my drinking delight. As I anticipated my order's completion pondering how thankful I was that God allowed this invention of coffee and chocolate the strangest scene occurred.

A man entered the store. He seemed very agitated and paced a bit trying to earn the barista's attention. Since it was pretty busy on this day he wasn't given much focus until he decided to blurted out to whoever would listen to the following, "I know the coffee was free but I spilled it all over myself, it was too hot, so thanks, thanks a lot." Then he turned and immediately walked away.

Apparently somehow this gentleman received a free coffe drink (a delightful dream to me, free Starbucks now come on). When he had the coffee in his car at some point he ended up spilling it on himself. The coffee was hot (seriously it is coffee it is suppose to be hot). This act upset him enough that he felt the need to drive around, park his car, get out of his vehicle, enter the store, hunt down someone to verbalize his irritation on or rather word vomit on, and leave. Now that took a lot of effort. He wasn't asking for another coffee. He wasn't wanting anything except to spew his anger at someone else.

What was the purpose of that? Did he want to blame someone else for his clumbsiness? Did he want his coffee served cooler? Did he realize that he was blessed with a free coffee in the first place? Did he realize that words pierce people to the heart? Those barista's were working very hard in there that day. When that man came in and expressed those words the atmosphere changed. They did not need that negativity. There is enough to that in the world already.

What was the motive? Did it make that man feel better? I doubt it. He was not familiar with the simple principle to be thankful in all circumstances. Afterall it was a free coffee he spilled. Sometimes we get so focused on ourselves that we fail to see the others around us that may be hurt by our actions or words. It is a good reminder to us to always be aware of others and to not speak anything that will tear someone else down. That is probably why God wills for us to be thankful in all things. When we live an attitude of grattitude it spreads cheer to others. Life is hard enough anyway. So lets practice thankfulness today. What is something you are thankful for today?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Radical Revolution


Hey all I am over here today. Go over and check it out! Give this link to all the young girls you know.
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