Monday, October 24, 2011

God Provides When Man Won't - Trials With Lyme

It is hard to think that a simple tick bite is the cause for an invisible illness (Chronic Lyme) that I will battle for the rest of my life, but it happens. Lyme disease is from a bacteria that is very tricky. It likes to mimic other illnesses and it will remain in your body for life. After the initial treatment flares will come with stressful life events. Wow! No wonder I keep getting flares. How do you navigate life without stressors!?

That is why it is so important to treat this tricky thing right away then it will not act like this. However, it took seven years for me to get a diagnosis and treatment. By that time the disease turned chronic and it was too late. If there was education I would be spared this. This is the frustrating and important part. Yet still after all I have experienced and been through and all the sick people I have met with this illness here in my area, there are still a limited amount of doctors that will even acknowledge it exists here. This is something that burns me up.

Sick people need advocates. They need people who will look out for them and have their best interest at heart. There is no reason there should be a huge controversy about this illness except for some type of corruption. One day I am confident that all things will be exposed to the light. All things will not remain hidden. People need help. This disease kills people and severely disables them. I was on that path until I found a good doctor in Missouri.

Now, though man will not advocate and help, God does. I will tell you how amazing He works things together. After talking to my Lyme doctor in Missouri about my immune system and cavities, among all the other issues I am having they told me I am probably having a flare up. For me to get treatment however the doctor would like to see me. That is fair. However the doctor is ten hours away. So sad when there are tons of doctors here.

However, in God's wisdom I was allowed by Him to have another flare of a skin infection that I caught on the mission field. The treatment for this flare is antibiotics, the same antibiotics that the Lyme doctor would use and for the same duration! Now it would be easy to look at this skin infection as an irritant because it is yet also it is an amazing blessing in disguise because with it I get the treatment I need without having to travel ten hours.

If we would keep our eyes open to God's faithfulness and how He truly does work things together for our good, if we would remain thankful in everything we would be mindful of these things God allows to help us. We must keep a perspective that focuses on Him and His ways. We must have a right view of Him. He is our great Healer and this is one of the ways He is using at this time. Don't you just love it! He is so good and so faithful. In due time all the things of darkness will be exposed. All sickness will be gone. Until then let us run this race with endurance and help one another.


Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

God is so faithful like that! Praising Him that the eyes of your heart were open to see the blessing!

Shelley said...

Amen friend!

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