Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Chronic Health Struggle and God's Grace

I mentioned that I have been battling migraines like crazy these several months. It has been a horrible thing. Some so devastating they are taking out my speech center and causing scary numbness in my body. They are simply stroke like which is a common thing with migraines that are of the more complex form. Oh how frustrating this can be.

Also, out of no where that skin infection I caught serving on the mission field over a year ago has popped up again! Not a fun irritant to deal with.

Then it was the dental visit I had that surprised me with the news that I had six cavities that needed to be filled. I am declining again. It is not fun I tell you to get old especially when you have a body that seems to age sooner than your peers.

However, I can tell you I am so excited about Heaven and really if I was not able to suffer in this way I am certain I would not give Heaven a second thought. I know my heart and my proneness to wander. I need continually humbling. This is just one avenue that God allows to benefit me in this way.

However, I do see that what I put in my body is very important to this process of health. I have started again to do the no dairy (which I continued since last time), no gluten, and no sugar. At least I am going to limit those things significantly. I am hoping this will make a big difference in building my immune system. We are coming into the cold and flu season soon and I am hoping to be strong. I will keep an update on how this is all going as I proceed. I am thankful for God's grace in this because it has not been as challenging this time for me as it was the last time.

Chronic Lyme disease has devastating effects on your body. I know it stays in your system for life. Sometimes with no symptoms. I often ponder if some of these health issues are related? Lyme is the big imitator of many other diseases. I need wisdom as to how to proceed and treat all of it. Prayers are appreciated.

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Shelley said...

Just prayed that God will give much wisdom as you deal with this - interesting that we are reading about wisdom in James! God's timing hey!

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