Thursday, June 9, 2011

X-Men and Aspergers - A Mother's View

My husband and I are going on a date to see the new X-Men movie. We are science fiction geeks and enjoy these things together. I am really into observing human behavior so seeing the back story of these fictional characters will be especially interesting to me. PLUS a friend of mine has a son in the movie which makes seeing this one an even more fun event. And it puts us a few degrees of separation closer to Kevin Bacon. Okay so I digress here...

In preparation for seeing this film we watched the last X-Men movie a few nights ago. It was the one where they were making a cure for the mutants. How they thought they were defective. I was thinking how real this is to our life. Some of the characters wanted to get the cure while others did not. Some felt there was nothing wrong with them. This mutation was a gift. This is the debate I see in the autism community as well.

Personally, I only have experience with my own child who is most likely mild aspergers. She does struggle understanding social situations, has sensory issues, is somewhat delayed developmentally, very literal minded, but pays very close attention to detail, solves problems in creative ways, and seems to be happy most of the time. She is amazingly smart and so funny though she does not realize it. She is honest, reliable, loyal, and determined especially if it is a topic that becomes a borderline obsession. She amazes me. She is different from the majority but I would not want to "cure" it.

I have no idea what it is like to have a severely autistic non verbal child so it is easy for me to appreciate the traits on this end of the spectrum. I am a believer that God makes us all perfect. Sadly in a fallen world things are not perfect here yet God is still sovereign over them. Our weaknesses here make us stronger and draw us nearer to Him if we let them. So like the X-Men, I see my child with super abilities. Sure she is different and this presents difficulty but we need people like her. I am thankful. No need for a cure. Just good training and teaching. Our family is stronger and more compassionate because of her. We would not trade our situation for the world.

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