Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Facebook Frustration - Reason for My Absence

Facebook is running a beta test that has caused some users without their knowledge or permission to lose their Most Recent/Top News buttons on their home page. You can read about it here. This creates a problem for social networking. Now all users in this beta test only see what Facebook decides to show them under News Feed. Some items are from posts just a few minutes ago and others are posts from yesterday. It is a jumbled mess.

The way I navigate Facebook and use it as a way to pray for you all and the issues you are going through in life is first scanning all Tops News. Then I browse my categories of friends that I can get from the Most Recent button (which is now missing). I have created categories for groups of friends. Some of you are my partners in ministry, some siestas, some church family, some biological family, some high school friends, etc. The lists go on. I view each of these lists as time permits to keep up with you all and network socially.

Now with this change I can no longer do this. Instead I just see a jumbled mess of random updates and it is very frustrating. I can still pray and interact with the first page that comes up but that is all. I will be missing most all of the other posts that do not make it to that first page. So this picture accurately shows how I feel about this.

Until a fix, I am sorry for not interacting or being around on Facebook unless they get this fixed it seems quite pointless to me. It would only be one sided with me posting and not interacting. I have emailed them about this bug. It seems many in the test group are complaining. I have not seen one positive post about this. A friend has emailed them for me as well. You can email them as well for me if you like. Also my ministry page is still the normal kind so you can like us there by going here It will be easier to interact there. I may simply open a new account. Hoping to get all my friends back. I am just taking this as a time to break for a bit. Know I love you all dearly and hoping it will be fixed soon. You can still email me at angela [at] refreshmysoul [dot] com and find me on twitter here.


Mercurie said...

I posted on this topic recently as well. In my case I am guessing it is related to the testing of a Twitter like feature called Happening Now. At any rate, I am not very happy about it and I am truly tired of Facebook doing tests like this without asking its users first. Indeed, like you I have sent them message after message. If it wasn't already clear before, it seems clear to me now that Facebook really does not care about its users.

Pebblekeeper ~ Angie said...

I am so frustrated with this change as well. I too use FB to pray for my friends, I have them in lists for prayer, and I can not access my lists since June. Sigh. I am considering deleting my account, creating a new one that isn't a beta tester. Thank you for your encouraging post.

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