Thursday, April 9, 2009

Flickering Pixels - Book Review

The Blog Tour Spot is hosting a book review/discussion on the book Flickering Pixels.I was sent a free book for review. The purpose of this review is to facilitate discussion. So I am going to post a bit of my thoughts and hope that you will share you thoughts with me. This is really interesting stuff.

The basis of this book is how technology shapes our faith. The influence of the things from the invention of the printing press which has its positives and negatives to the Internet. There are so many very interesting insights and it is well worth the read. It is very informative as well and helpful. It is important that we keep our eyes open of the things that we need to be aware of that hurt our faith and our walk.

With that said I want to discuss this issue. I have been pondering it a lot lately and it was in the book so I want to know your thoughts. It seems that I am in contact with many more people than I normally would be without things like Facebook, the Internet, texting, cell phones, and etc. Because of this I have many more relationships. However, I realize that this "convenience" often gives me the excuse or illusion that because I have all these connections I do not really need to be as intentional in my face to face relationships. However this is a lie. Our face to face relationships are vital to us. Have you experienced this at all? How do you handle this? If you have younger children in the text generation have they ever formed good one on one relationships? Please share your thoughts on this.

To see a picture of the book (because I cannot get it to upload) And
to get your own copy you can go here.
To see what others on the tour are discussing go here.
To see the author's website go here.


God's Not Finished With Us Yet... said...

That sounds kinda similar to a post I made recently on my site.

I posted a discussion on 'Do you value your Christian online friends as much as your in-person friends', because of the technology in it all. I wanted to get other's insite. Basically I was wanting to know 'Do you view your online friends as real friend or no?' With the Internet technology I have met so many 'friends' and wanted to see what others felt about this. Of course we all have to be guarded in our Internet use but none-the-less, I wanted to seek other's input. Is this what you mean, or are you referring to how technology shapes our Christian walk? Maybe I am off-key here...Oops!

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

No that is a good point. I did mention how it shapes our walk since the book talks about that.

I think I was meaning too how does it shape our sense of Christian community as well. Does this kind of community replace face to face community? How do they co-exist? Where is the balance? How is God best glorified, etc...

Good stuff. :)

Darlene said...

I treasure my face to face friends as do I treasure my blog friends. I think because we get so busy that we don't always take the time for our face to face friends. I enjoy the monthly outings with my girlfrieds and twice a month with my Heart friends. God made women to need women...I feel if we don't connect with our face to face friends it can lead to depression. My husband works out of town during the week and daughter is a way in college. I am alone and while my blog friends keep me encouraged by face to face friends keep me from becoming a recluse. I need to get out and enjoy life and laugh...makes you feel alive. My blog friends gets me through the times when face to face friends are busy with their families. I can pull up a blog and read and get encouragement from their post and comments.I hope this helps with your question. I am glad I have both in my life!
Have a FABULOUS Friday!

Beams of Light Ministries said...

Hey! I love the blog community/online community and I love my face-to-face relationships. One does not substitute for the other. Instead, I think they can and should co-exist with God-directed balance. I never would know you like I do now if it weren't for the internet and the blog community. I personally count it a priviledge to know you!

I have a devotion group and we text each other every morning. So, thereby with our busy schedules, we still have some linkage during each day such that we can share what God is doing in us through that devotion and through our lives that day. So, with God-drected balance, I don't see a problem. :-)

Sweet Sister!!!

Christina said...

I just clicked over to amazon to check it out and wow it sounds like a really important book. I was reading the reviews and am going to order it.

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