Monday, March 30, 2009

She Opened My Eyes

I just have to write about the fun I had this past weekend.

Here is a little background.....The Lord used Dee Brestin and her ministry in a HUGE way in my life. It radically changed who I was because of my misconceptions of who my LORD was.

Before I did her Bible study, "Falling in Love with Jesus" I had no idea just how much the God of the universe absolutely adores me. He is madly in love with me! Not because of what I do or have done but because of who He is. You know something, He loves you too. In this same very personal way. Oh, if you do not realize this check out her book or Bible study on the topic.

Anyway, she came to speak at a conference at Covenant Presbyterian Church and God worked it out for me to lunch with her. This is my second time meeting her in this way but this time I got to sit right beside her (which is good because in a restaurant it is hard to hear). We had great food and conversation. She is the real deal and when I grow up this is who I hope to look like in my walk. She resembles the closest thing to Jesus I have seen in the flesh. It is because of her sincere love and concern for others.

Oh Lord, make me to be like that. Oh Lord to be formed into your image. I want to love You as you love me. Out of the overflow of that let it be evident that I belong to You alone.


e-Mom said...

I went to her site... Dee looks like an awesome sister of Christ. Thanks for sharing. :~D

Dorothy Champagne said...

It's great to have someone to look up to, but remember - you are touching lives for Christ too! You are called in different ways and both are effective for the Kingdom!

Susan Skitt said...

What a great mentor. I've read some of her writings, I do believe she is even in the Women of Faith Devotional Bible I've been reading through too. Isn't it great when someone who has walked with the Lord can encourage us on the journey? Hope you have a great day my friend :)

Lisa said...

What a wonderful treat! I've had a similar experience with another speaker gal. I pray you continue to treasure the blessing in the days ahead!

Kay Martin said...

Isn't it wonderful when God opens up His heart through a writer/speaker? Haven't met and heard you speak I have to tell you that you already shine Jesus Christ beautifully.

ocean mommy said...

I know that you blessed her as much as she blessed you. :)


Christina said...

That sounds like fun. It's so nice that you got to have lunch together.

Anne L said...

I know you wrote this awhile ago but that is so awesome to hear! I'm Dee's daughter and her message is so important. I hear her speak all the time and it never gets old. I think the Lord speaks to me each time. Thanks for sharing! We just updated her website - you should check it out :) Take Care! - Anne

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