Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Book Review: None Like Him by Wilkin


This book is the best book I have ever read on the attributes of God. This author is a skilled writer who makes it easy on the reader to digest depth with simplicity. This is a book that I could read over and over again and still be moved by it. The reason being is that this book continually points you to God in a way that spurns your heart to worship Him.

A great thing about this book is it also looks at what we are not meant to be because only God is meant to be that certain way. I have encountered misguided Christians who are striving to be God in ways that they cannot and will not ever be. This book helps satisfy that confusion by keeping humans in their proper place with God elevated to His. It was helpful in identifying potential idol worship.

The book was very practical in the way it compared Scripture and God in all His splendor to everyday living. I applaud the author for this. There are many books written on a theological level of God and His attributes but not many that also connect the practical theology of everyday living to His attributes. This is why this book would be a beneficial read for all Christians.

You will be better off and stronger in your walk for reading this. You won't be disappointed if you get it.

You can get a copy of this book from here.

I received a copy of this book at no charge from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review.

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