Wednesday, January 9, 2013

One Year with Dakota - Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my precious little man! It has been an entire year now that we have been blessed with knowing you. I can hardly believe it. Time has gone by so fast and I have seen you grow in so many needed ways. This past year of all of our lives has been about you. Growing you in God, growing you in health, growing you in mind. You have come a long way in a year.

I remember when you would go to any adult when you first came to us. How I had such a fear you would just walk off with another family right under my nose. I later learned this is from lack of attachment. You finally formed that shyness tucking your head into my neck that relieved me. You no longer go to just anyone.

I remember working hard with you to form that much needed bond of attachment. Every night I would cradle you in my arms and hold you there stroking your face gently and speaking words of love and redemption over you. You would not relax in my arms or even look me in the eyes then. After I let you go I would take some time to secretly cry. No child should ever be afraid to attach. As I persevered in this process with you one day you relaxed your body, then one day you made eye contact, and today we hold each others gaze. You ask me to hold you and rock you. An attachment, a true bond has been formed! I praise God for that because that means some healing for you and your life.

I remember you looking in the mirror practicing your words, "Hi. My name is Dakota, I am a boy and I am 3 years old." You were so adorable but you desperately wanted to get these things right as Daddy worked with you on them. They were basic skills a three year old should know and after this year you know them and many more things!

I remember you coming to us at first with only a few words. Now you have a large vocabulary.

I remember you running up to me saying you don't have to sin anymore because Jesus died on the cross for your sins! How precious you formed those thoughts after listening to a praise song! I pray one day you do surrender your life to Jesus.

I remember countless number of people commenting on how smart you are which means a lot to my heart knowing what has happened to you. God really does allow us to overcome even the worse things. He had His hand on you protecting you.

I remember you bringing the greatest joy to our lives. This year has been crazy with you but wonderful. We love you so much! Though we did not even know you existed four years ago it is a joy to know you now and love you like our own. Happy Forth Birthday! These are just some of the treasures in this mother's heart over the past year with you.


Tony Parsley said...

Beautifully written sweetheart. I echo your assessment of this last year with little man.

Kathy said...

AWESOME! Praise God for the blessing of changing Dakota's life and for him changing yours. I hope to meet him and see all of you again some day soon.

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