Sunday, June 21, 2009


Yesterday my husband and I cleared out a closet in our basement. So many memories were found in that closet.

Do you remember those HUGE cell phones that they offered when cell phones advanced from the bag phone? Yes we had one of those!

Do you remember when the computer took those square disks called floppies? Well we found a HUGE amount of those too!

Memories can be fun but also painful. Going through the stuff we found many old pictures. My sweet hubbie and I have been through so much together. We are looking at our 15 year anniversary next March but we have been friends even longer. The old pictures were funny and helped us to remember the old us.

We have changed so much. In shape, in age, in goals, but most importantly in Christ. I love seeing how God changes things. How He touches something and turns it into a beautiful masterpiece.

God is so good to us. Even though there have been so many rough times to balance to good, I would not change a bit of it. God is good and His grace is sufficient. I used to be ashamed of some of my old life and choices I made. However, I can see on the other side the beautiful work that God has done in my heart despite of it. He has been there all along moving my heart closer and closer to Him. I am not ashamed because of His blood I am who I am and completely free in Him. To His glory and praise. If God can reach out to me then there is hope for anyone! He is good!


Cheri said...

Those are fun memories to go through- we had one of those bag phones too!
God is good- all the time!

ocean mommy said...

BAG PHONES!!!! TOO funny. :)

Love you girl and thankful for you. :)


Susan Skitt said...

Nice, Ang. Loved the Disney pics up top and your thoughts here on how far God has brought you, Amen, His blood cleanses us from all sin!

Have a great day!

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