Sunday, December 7, 2008

Optic What?

So, I have this condition now called optic neuritis. Essentially it means that both of my optic nerves, which are in the back of the eye, are inflamed. What does this mean? Unfortunately it means for me that I am seeing all kinds of strange spots in my visual field of sight. I am not sure how long it will last but it makes reading hard.

Now, knowing someone like me whose favorite thing to do is read, how do you cope? Talking about reading, I have been reading through a great book by the founder of the Voice of the Martyrs called, "Tortured for Christ." It is really good and addresses his story and much about the underground church around the world. It has driven me to pray harder for this group of our brothers and sisters.

It has also given me a new appreciation for even being able to read my Bible. Some of the false arrests that occurred happened with drugging and torture. In this hard time these people, our brothers and sisters in Christ, held tightly on to Christ. They endured unspeakable torture. They had no Bible to read from for encouragement. They just had Him. It reminded me that He is enough. Working eyes or not, at least I can hear the word anytime I want and for that I am thankful.

Please do not forget to pray for our brothers or sisters around the world who do not have the same privileges. Let us do all we can to help them. If you are interested in a free copy of this great book go here.

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Kay Martin said...

Bless you precious friend. Do they know why you became inflamed on those nerves? Is there a good remedy? Could it come again?

Know I will be praying for you. Whenever I cannot read it as though my best friend has left me. I think I have worked with literacy agencies because I cannot imagine life without the ability to decode written language.

But with TV, computer and books on tape you will have much to "read" with your ears. Know that I am hoping for speed recovery and total healing.

Kay in Carolina

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