Monday, December 8, 2008

In The Spit Zone

Now, I just have to tell you that over the years I have attended various churches and I have sat in various places. I most always love to be in the back where I am not easily seen by others. I just at times want to be invisible. I am not sure why except that perhaps it is part of that introverted personality that I possess. Another story for another day is the fact that God did not make me to be invisible, you either. He made us to shine brightly for His glory.

As our current church has started to grow, our music minister asked for volunteers to move on up closer to the front to make room for others. (I guess everyone wants to sit in the back!) So my husband being the great helper that God designed him to be readily accepted and moved us up closer. I willingly, but dragging my feet, followed but felt a bit self-conscious.

Over the years I have gotten use to our spot, especially since it has filled up all around us. People have better things to do then to look at me anyway. Why would I even be so self-absorbed to think that they would anyway?

But yesterday was simply a place I never wanted to sit. We were in the spit zone. I am not even sure what possessed my husband to pick out those seats because there were others around us. We were in the second row.

What I realized was it is a little spacey up there. It is a little closer to the altar. It had a better view of what was going on up front and I did not get spit on after all. I guess it was not that bad.

In the Christian walk, God will always make a way to move us out of those comfortable places. He will not let us remain comfortable for long. Being comfortable mostly leads to complacency if we are there too long. We are living organisms and were meant to move and change as God leads.

Talk a look at your life today, are you flowing with God the refreshing river of life or are you sitting in the back row watching the river go by?


Cheri said...

I totally get it! We usually sit in the same row and Sunday Halle wanted to sit 2 rows up- I didn't want to either. It wasn't so bad in the end but I sure feel more comfortable in my normal seat!

The Small Scribbler said...

I'm jealous. It sounds like you were sitting in our old seats! I love the front. No distractions.


Christina said...

I actually sit pretty close to the front in church, but in life I definitely stand back. Good point you made in this post so maybe I will move a little out of my shell. Thanks.

Dorothy Champagne said...

What a great analogy. When God moves us out of our comfort zone - He usually has something great in store for us - which we'll miss if we're still sitting in the back row.

jodi said...

I'm totally in the river. Although I'd say it's a little less refreshing and a little more drowning here recently! :)

It's all good though. In church I like to sit in the front. Not to be noticed or to get a good view, but because I am a terrible singer and the only way I will sing is if nobody is standing in front of me!

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

ha ha ha! You all are cracking me up!

Kate, we were near your old seats just on the other side of the aisle. Hmm-Maybe that is why I should sit there in memory of you all! Though we only take up two seats. :)

Dorothy that is such a good point. I wonder how much I miss out on because I am too afraid to step out of the box.

Much love to you all! You bless me so.

Kay Martin said...

Where I sit doesn't un-nerve me but getting all of this financial stuff settled with my husband's estate unravels me. I am behind on some of it because I procrastinated and I get my uncomfortable seat tomorrow when I hand it in late to the court office.

We all have something that we need to stretch to perfect and our Heavenly Father in His love and mercy will not give in to our childish cry to just let me be.

Great job getting us all with you in the zone!!!

e-Mom said...

Lol, the "spit zone." Very well said. We don't sit up front in church, but it would be fun to try! Good for you. :~D

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