Saturday, August 26, 2017

Struggling with the Unknown


Did you know that nothing is under your control?

Nothing. Let that sink in a minute. Because this perspective will save you from much pain.

Often in life we have the illusion of control. We think, if we plan hard enough, if we do this or that, we will be in control. Yet, it is all an illusion. We are fooled by it until something crushes our grip. Then we grasp for any small bit of control left but we come up lacking.

The good news is that God is in control. He is also a good Father who loves His children. He holds the world in His hand and the lives of His children. He is the one who establishes our steps. We can let go of grasping and fall into His loving care and leading guidance. Life is much easier when we learn to do this.

The alternative is making an idol for ourselves to worship called control. That is going against God. It is sin. Plans are fine until they become demands, then they are idols. The quickest way to determine if you are dealing with an idol of control is having your plans ruined. This exposes your heart in this area. Do you respond in trust or despair?

We have the opportunity to trust God with all of our plans. We can plan, order is wise, but learn to plan loosely. Leave room for change. Then we are trusting when God alters our plans which we can more easily walk in faith.

I am currently living in a state of unknown and it has been painful because I have held onto my plans too tightly. I am thankful that God is a loving Father who loves me enough to show me this error and discipline me toward trust and faith in His perfect plan. We know His love by His discipline in our lives (Hebrews 12).

Walking with God is an adventure and as we grow in grace, God will be certain to help us grow in Christ-likeness because His Spirit lives in us working change. Let us let Him do His work because it is glorious.

How do you struggle to trust? Are you a hard core planner? How do you respond to change? Did you ever see control as idolatry? How is God using change to make you more like Christ?


Isa said...

So true. In my own life I find I often try to buy something or research on the internet to solve a problem, rather than simply trusting God.

Jennifer DeFrates said...

Oh, yes! Marrying a soldier helped me learn this quickly. So little is under my control in the military life. But you're so right that realizing that is freeing because I just have to do my best to make wise decisions and know God is in control.

Rebekah Thompson said...

I am definitely a planner, but I try to roll with things as they come. I have been finding this thought in several places lately, so obviously it is one that I need to pay attention to. Resting in Him can be hard sometimes, giving up control, but it is needed to find any peace.

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