Sunday, May 22, 2011

Social Issues and our Atlanta Visit

Of all the places in all the city of Atlanta, Michelle Obama was actually having a short meeting at our hotel. After getting acquainted with our where abouts in the city we told our youngest that we would go back to the hotel and swim. She had waited very patiently for this and expected it to happen.

When we returned to the hotel lots of people and security were waiting around outside. We inquired as to why and they said that the first lady was due to show up any minute. What a random chance of a lifetime to see our nations first lady up close.

However, our youngest was not okay with waiting around any longer afterall we promised upon return we would go swimming. We could not get her to understand the random chance that this would ever happen again in our lifetime but she could not understand why we would want to wait. After about 10 minutes waiting we got ready for our swim.

When we found the pool it was on the same level the meeting was taking place. Everyone there was dressed so elegantly. Then there was that security force again. We approached dressed in our swimming garb while the others there were dressed to classic perfection. It was quite humbling. The first ladies meeting was in an area we had to pass so security ushered us through to the pool area. Humbling.

Then in Olympic Park were several homeless people. I even saw a man going through a garbage can looking for food I assume. Thinking of the over abundance we had and it just did not seem right. Another day there was another bench that was taken claim for what I believe was the persons home for that day. They had all their possessions in Walmart type bags when I had my suitcase packed with too much clothes for four days. These are hard things. I tried to shelter and protect my children but it was not something that could be done.

My youngest noticed this as a great injustice and suggested we leave all our food we brought with people in the park or go out and buy them some. Those were sweet suggestions by a sweet hearted girl but they don't put an end to the problem. It grieved my heart.

However I got to see some interesting things in my young asperger like girl. I use that term asperger like because we are not certain this is the condition she has but most signs point that way. It would make sense she would not understand these social kind of situations but I love how her mind saw them.

First I wanted them to see the first lady. I did not want them to see the homeless. Yet they are both people in the same right. It is the homeless people who are the ones who need to be seen. My girl understood this and wanted to help. The first lady would have been fun to see but for what reason? To say we saw her? What is the purpose? Her mind thinks like that very literally.

Second, she always seems to see and feel for the underdog. She has a keen understanding and sense of protection and justice for them. Anyone who is wronged really fires her up. I think this is a lot like God. He chooses to use the less likely and tells us to be concerned for those who need help. These are just some lessons learned through the eyes of my sweet baby girl. I am so thankful for her perspective and the way she sees life.

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Nesha said...

Just have to say how I love those girls of yours! Matter of importance...

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