Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Two Weaknesses

It is coming to the time that I have to face one of my weaknesses head on. I love two types of candy so much that it is hard for me to stop eating them. They are:
And a Easter time favorite:
There is just something about these candies that I cannot resist. So I have to walk past them. If they had a tiny bag for me to enjoy then it would be okay but unfortunately they only come in a big bag. I have been known to buy a bag eat a handful and then throw it away. This attraction is that bad. If I keep it I know I am not strong enough to resist.

That is like certain sins in our lives. God made so many good things. Good flavors. Good desires. However we can take those good things and turn them into bad things. We can commit sin like gluttony. Or abusing our bodies by filling it with things that will hurt it.  In small amounts it probably is not too bad but in large quantities I know it has a bad impact.

Any candies you have a hard time resisting?

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